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Picture 271December 22, 2014. It does not look like this here at all!  Green grass around the ranch. It was 50 degrees yesterday morning. Obviously mother nature needs meds. Amazingly weird.

Today I find an email from a bogus “PayPal” address to me. It begins “Dear Costumer” Obviously spam from the first glance, but it got me laughing. In my rediscovery of finding myself, sorting out from under too much of everything in what had become my life – I have been noticing that not only had I spent many years (too long) dressing for livestock only, I don’t own much that isn’t wrecked totally. Actually I do, but my stuff to wear goes right from the pen to the boardroom. Nothing in between. Another point to ponder. Obviously not a costumer, haha!

We have no snow here on the valley floor. The photograph above is from I think November of 2013, a freak snowstorm that no one saw coming. And it only dumped snow in a swath a couple of miles long by a mile or so wide. I don’t recall the specifics, but this was what I saw that morning! We live in the high country, the desert where it snows I call it. However like the rest of California, we have been either having no precipitation, or tons of rain.  It is a few days before Christmas, and once again I don’t have any zest for the decor or anything much else. I can say that for the first time in many years, we are going to put up a tree though. Which is an interesting point, as some years ago, at the after Christmas sale at WalMart, I bought a “vintage” tinsel tree. I had thought I recalled two things about it. One, that it was pre lit. No. It has a color wheel, stand alone spotlight as the originals did back in the 1960’s (?) Also, I thought it was a 3′ or 4′ tree. No. It is a SIX foot tree. So, we shall see. We can choose from a tiny table top tree or a 6 footer. Hmm.

Enjoy your day all, life goes on while we are making plans, which is really the case. Tell those that matter to you how you feel, and smile!