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Owlet in May 2012

Owlet in May 2012

As the seasons change, as the storms blow in and disappear, we live our lives. Even my owlet friend moved on. Best news ever just now! My friend who has been battling liver failure for what seems like forever got the word today – she is ON THE TRANSPLANT LIST! Finally! Praise God, thank the heavens, the earth anyone you pray to, chant or look to for peace and guidance.

She has a chance to go on living.

Ahhh. Really no words. So thankful!

We had the storm of all storms roll in recently. No warning and it was hot. HOT. I finally gave in and opened all our windows. It was really kind of a no brainer. It was 96 in the living room and 94 outdoors. I finished up outside and came in when there was enough thunder and lightning striking that it made me unsettled.  Once inside, with the windows open, I heard it begin to blow. Then rain. Then pour. I shut the windows on the side of the house with the lilacs. I stood in the doorway of the mudroom watching the rain come down. Then it occurred to me that a vent on the old horse trailer was open still. I knew I had to go outside. I ran out and was instantly drenched. I fixed the vent  and ran back inside, only to realize that the wind had switched around and blowing horizontal rain IN.  I had to go help my mom. Her windows were all open too. I got to her van and drove around to moms. There was so much rain, dirt and wind I literally could not see past my driveway and could not see the homes across the road!  Got to moms and helped some, then had to go home to assess what was happening there. Back in the rain. My son had it handled, I got some more towels and back outside, through the torrential downpour and electrical activity.  I actually bagged the towels I took to moms as they would have been soaked before I got to the car. At mom’s, rain had blown in halfway across the kitchen and it was an amazing mess. That was an amazing storm. No damage here aside from just way too much water on the ground at once.

This photo I took before the storm hit.

Storm on the horizon - July 2014

Storm on the horizon – July 2014

I am grateful for each day I have. I am thankful that my friend Susan has a shot at living a long happy life. What a day. I am exhausted and it is only 2:30. Oh dear!

Enjoy your day and tell those that matter to you how much you care. Just do it.