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Lucy, mom’s rescued kitten (er cat!)

A photograph I took with the iPhone 4s.  Oh good, I found the dashboard function finally. WordPress – grr!  Change is never easy and things like this drive me bonkers.I have been having a great time with the iPhone 4s.  I was particularly thrilled with the iCloud function.  Automatic back up when charging.  No more sending photographs to myself via email.  Just install a panel on my pc and I can…..whoops!  My operating system is Windows XP, which is not one of the pc systems it will work with.  Great.  Back to emailing photos to myself. Which just goes to show it is always something! My computer is ancient, and after the loss of the hard drive last fall – and subsequent ill-timed replacement of a new drive in an old box…..well, going to have to find a new one somehow.  Because of this, I have been writing longhand, as this electricity in a box is on its last legs.  That sadly does not work well for me, with the RA and holding a pen is literally a pain. Being a writer without a computer that works properly and hands that aren’t able to write comfortably is a chore.  Something will work out, it usually does.

I have been having fun with a sinus thing going on.  I am done with it, it can leave anytime.  I have too many things to do to lie around because I am wrecked.  Complain, whine.  Oh well.

Spring in the high Sierra. The desert where it snows.  And likely still will again before it becomes real summer.  The lilac trees are beyond confused.  A few blooms forming on new growth, but none on the main trees.  Hmm.

Have a wonderful day all, tell those that matter to you how you feel.