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I knew David Cassidy. Yes the singer, but most importantly to me, the Thoroughbred race horse breeder and owner long ago. My first summer working at Hollywood Park, I would sit in my trainers box seat section. Which was close to the box David would sit in and watch the races from.

Never having had an inflated opinion of “high profile” people, I walked past, sat down and proceeded to read my Racing Form. I looked up a few times, waiting for the horses to come onto the track. Each time, David would whip the Racing Form up in front of his face. It was really pretty funny. Finally after a couple of races, he and the Racing Form must have been getting tired of this. I was. I finally said “I know who you are and I don’t care, can you give the Form a rest please?” He stopped and several races later, he decided he could just be a person and we talked about pedigrees. I was maybe 17. I had been immersed in racing and pedigrees since I was 10. The pedigrees became our common ground. On occasion, twittery fluffy girls or women would come along and try to get him to talk. That was funny, in a sad way. People think they know entertainers, but they don’t. Not at all. I admit there were times he would suggest I get the strangers to move along. I felt sad that he was so hunted. It makes a person nuts. He really was a nice guy. It was a good summer.

He died earlier in this year. This morning, his ashes were spread on the Saratoga Racetrack. He would be happy about this, very fitting.

As I write this, I am hearing the Great Horned Owls calling for the first time in months. I always am calmed by their voices. They at one point lived in the tree above our farmhouse, but the nest was blown down and they live several miles away now. It is a treat when they do come around.

Life is so fragile, people come and go but their kindness, their wit, their humor and love all mix together and serve to make memories to take with us on the crazy road we travel called life.

Enjoy each day, every bit of it. I have said this before, but really, tell those you love how you feel. Mend fences, be kind. We never know how long we have here ❤