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Seriously.  I would like to get off this ride for awhile.  Perhaps a day, perhaps a weekend.  Somewhere I have lost my focus yet again and would REALLY like to find it.  I need to find it.  BADLY.

I installed Firefox as my browser and I love it, a lot.

Survivor was finally on last night, and they are leaving Ben (Coach) alone, which is on one hand refreshing, and on the other kind of boring.  We all knew Tyson would do the dumb thing and go along with what Russell said.  If he had stuck to the plan, and  not voted for the fluffy girl, Russell would be gone from the game and we would no longer have to wonder what lovely things this troll like fellow would do next.  (Previous Survivor game he dumped out everyone’s water from their canteens.  This time he buried the machete. And lies and lies and lies.  But if you watch, you already know that……)

I am just tired out and it is difficult to figure out how to get back to center.  I have a friend who can help with that, but I have not heard from him lately.

Oh well, the owls are hoot hooting again and I am getting some soup ready.

Enjoy your evening all.


The Black Pearl off the California coast a couple of years ago.....

Where is Jack Sparrow when you want him ????? VBG ! 

Spring has sprung. The grass is growing like mad, and I have mowed with the push mower a LOT.  It looks good, but will need to be done again too soon.  Bitch-complain-crab crab crab.  Oh well, never satisfied.  

This year we ARE going to get mom’s landscaping going……..thinking we would move, we didn’t invest the energy into it that we should have.  So, I will arrange for our neighbors to bring their tractor over to level the backyard and we will work on getting some plants in.  I have numerous lilac volunteers to put over there if she wishes……so I will give it a good try.  My rheumatoid arthritis is having a go at me again, and it can quit anytime !  Really !  LEAVE !  **Sighs**  

I finally gave up on IE6 (IE = Internet Explorer) , and don’t get along with IE 7 or 8 – so yesterday I downloaded Foxfire.  LOVE the tabs, absolutely love it.  Works much better than any of the IE products of late IMHO.  Now if it would work with WordPress, I would be happy.  After six tries, I opened IE6 and posted this with that…….If only I could only get my life in such good order with such little time !  

Have to get coffee.  Didn’t have any caffeine yesterday, and was awake until 2 am.  Why is that ?  Ideas ?  Agh.  

Enjoy your day all, must get busy again.

Puget Sound August 2009 

Yes, another photo of the sound.  Ahhhhhh.  After the day yesterday, I had to look at this lovely scenery again.  Relaxing.  I love the water (no, really ?) and this was the most perfect place I have ever been to take early morning photographs. 

At the first of the year, which interestingly now was months ago……HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN ?  Geez, the time just flies and I wish it wouldn’t.  Anyway, I had tried to blog daily.  Worked for a while.  Then recently, my mom had been having more difficulties and my focus lost itself.  So, I apologize for the lack of blogging.  It bugs me when I get to reading one blog and then the writer does not keep up……grr. So, grr  on me, and I will try to do better.  I was gone helping my friend yesterday, and it became a very long day.  Her horse had a lameness exam done, here he is in the exam room, watching over the shoulder of the vet looking at the xray of his foot. 

"Ok doc, what does the x-ray show ?"

 I was holding the horse while everyone did their job……and the good news is while there is an old injury to his navicular bone ligaments on one side, his overall bone health is good.  That was fun, he is such a good horse.  I have so many things going on, that I need some time to figure out where I am supposed to be or what I am needing to do.  Ack !  Oh well, the lilacs are budding up and I spent a little brain relaxing time clipping off dead blooms from last season.  I hope they get the opportunity to bloom this year.  Two years in a row, that would be heavenly.

Warm today, should be nice all week.  Enjoy the rest of the day all !

This is something that I have been on about for years.  Since my health scare due to aspartame, I became “aware” finally. Saw this on MSNBC yesterday.

I have decided that since the advent of so much in the 20th century, that cancer and other diseases are out of control, that this is part of the root of it all.  That and electronic smog, don’t get me started on THAT.  So, my best thoughts on this all, if it didn’t exist 100 years ago, don’t eat it !

So there, that is my statement for the day.  Spring is coming, the birds are all nuts and so fun to watch and listen to.  We have now apparently three owls.  I think the baby owl returned a few nights ago, and we have been having a night long hooting harmony going.  Even the Canada geese don’t try to land in the hawk/owl nest any longer.  They fly over and give that nest the look, and fly on, honking as they go.

Enjoy the day !


For me, that came this past few days.  I had the opportunity to take care of milking two goats for our neighbors.  These neighbors are always right there when I  need help, be it repairing the fence when my appendix was about to burst and I had to go to the hospital…….or repairing a broken water pipe, or lighting the water heater at moms…….or helping get our main water line thawed out when we had three nights of about – 18 degrees below zero temps.  They have taken time to help with numerous things and never take anything in return.  Sometimes I bake for them, but this time I could do something in return.  They are nice goats, and even when I was over there milking in the storm, the rain thundering down on the metal barn they are housed in – the rhythmic milking gives a calm to my soul.  It was nice.  I am glad that I could reciprocate just a bit.  The milk I took home and will be freezing it in ice cube trays, then donating it to the local animal shelter for any needy puppies or kittens.  Makes me wish I had a goat in milk, would love to make cheese.

Enjoy the day all !