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Toooooooooo funny !

My favorite after Googling the phrase “facebook down” is a related article that notes to people in the workplace “don’t be the first one in the office on work time to announce that Facebook is down !” Ha !  I can see that happening…….

I also liked “Facebook is down so now I have to blog !”  Ha on that too…..for me, it was lunchtime and I was amusing myself until my lunch was done cooking.  Now I am done and have to go back to work.

Later !


Another sunset

I find now that I use Twitter, and Facebook, I don’t blog  much.  No reason actually for that, just happened that way.  I notice that in relation to other people I know too.  Maybe it is the instant gratification of putting in a line, or 140 characters and hitting enter.  Makes you feel like you have filled in whoever out there who is curious about what I am up to.  Makes me feel like I am not totally failing on keeping up on things.  I know it’s not true, as I have people who don’t use Twitter or FB.  I apologize for being so lax about blogging.

Yesterday, my son and I went to the nearby wildlife refuge.  The name is misleading right off the bat.  It isn’t a refuge, like a safe place., not at all.  It is a place for animals and migrating waterfowl.  In fact, they hunt there.  All things furry and feathered in the hunting season.  Very irritating.  We can hear them blasting away from our house.  Yesterday there were already thousands of Canada Geese there.  I saw three huge buck deer, big rack antlers peering at us on the road.  Here they are 🙂

Three bucks - September 2010

Canada Geese at the wildlife refuge

Lots of interesting times coming up…..I will try and blog more often. Enjoy your evening !

Wow, where does the time go ?  Thought I should share this…….

Moonbeam the goat on mom's front step

This is Moonbeam.  She is a LaMancha dairy goat doe.  She was also part of the weed whacking crew that I deployed around mom’s house this last month.  Too funny to see Moonie camped on mom’s doorstep.  Moonie was bred and raised by a friend in Iowa.  She was tiny and lived in their house wearing a diaper for some time.  Since she thought she could come into mom’s house, I think she lived in my friend’s house for quite some time.  LaMancha goats are naturally earless for the most part.  Some have tiny ears tight to their heads.  Those are called “gopher ears”.  Ha.  The kind like Moonie has are called “elf ears”.  In all the time I have had these goats, only two people knew they were born this way.  All the other people ask me “why do you cut their ears off ?”  Aghhhh.  I have friends who show, and the husband, who was a good-natured man, got REAL tired of this.  He brought a big jar and filled it with pig ears (you know, the dog “treats” eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww).  He set it by their goat pens at the shows and when people asked he held up the jar.  He had gotten very tired of explaining that they didn’t hurt their goats.  He finally got tired of the jar and the reactions and made an informational poster that they carried to the shows and put up above their goats.

I just “liked” a page on Facebook that my sister found.  It is something like “Meowing back at a cat”…..I could put up a page that says “BAHHHHING back at a sheep because she won’t stop yakking” Ha !  I have done both, so what does that say about me ?

Hope you all have a good day and fall is fast approaching !  Whooo hoo !  My favorite time of year 🙂