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One of the Great Horned Owls that nest in the tree near the house.

The owls were very vocal last night.  Usually I hear them conversing at dusk, and again at dawn.  I wake up smiling when I hear them.  During the day, I can usually find one adult in an adjacent tree.  It seems that the female owl does night duty with the babies and sleeps in the tree away in the daylight hours.  Dad is with the kids then.  The dad GHO is a 3-year-old owl, that was hatched and raised in this same nest.  He had a sibling who fledged and left.  I know this one was the same owl – he is the speech impediment owl.  He had a rough first two years.  From the start, he was only able to vocalize with a rather startling  “screeeeeee” sound.  He was shot by someone and lived to tell about it. Then, miraculously, he found a mate.  Perhaps she taught him proper speech patterns for owls.   He hoots now, pretty much like a proper owl, at least most of the time.  Sometimes if he is excited about something he starts off  ” hoot-hoo-hoo-weeeeehhhh-ieeee-oooowww”  It is funny 🙂  However, I don’t laugh at him  (well maybe I do if I am in the house)  I had begun to refer to him as the laughing owl, but it didn’t stick.  He was in the adjacent tree one evening.  Making that original ” screeeeee” noise.  Then I heard him a bit later and went outside.  He sounded muffled, I wondered what was wrong with him.  Then he flew to the nest, and I could see he had dinner for the owlets in his beak.  The muffled sound? The owl talking with his mouth full!

I laugh because I realized that as this pair was hatching the eggs, and now feeding the chicks I had taken to saying this. “The owl is sticking up out of the nest.  There are the feathered ears”.   Pretty much always accompanied by hand gestures mimicking the “ears”.  Heehee.  I observed that as the owlets grow, the adult will inch up the inside of the nest, eventually standing on the side at the top.  Now I can see the adult about halfway up the side, with two rounded, light-colored feathered heads poking above the top of the nest.  It gets really funny when the adult is IN the nest and the babies are on the edges looking in at the adult!  Have not gotten a photo of that yet.  Maybe this year!

I love these big birds.  I love living where I can  hear them, or see them in the trees or the nest.  They bring peace to me, it makes me happy.  I need that.  I have a friend who loves owls as much as I do, and I think of her whenever I hear them.  She lives above the beach, and I am happy for her.  Between the two of us, we have the balm for our souls.  She watches the waves and I watch the owls.  Perhaps one day we will be in the same place at the same time.  And we won’t have to speak.

Enjoy the day all, beautiful weather here today.


The wild and beautiful sky - reflecting off the top of the old camp trailer.

That life is a four letter word? So is gift.

On the other hand, death is a five letter word.  So is peace.

Interesting things that come to me while walking around doing chores.

I have come to the conclusion that I should really carry some sort of recording device for such things.   All the brilliant thoughts and ideas I have are always gone by the time I have walked home.  Yesterday, I was de-furring a horse.  Also known as using a shedding blade.  Not electrical, just a thing that people use to remove loose hair from large shedding animals 🙂 The birds quickly scoop up the hair and nest building is still in progress here.  I have although heard baby house sparrows in one of the outbuildings in the last week or so.  Lots of brilliant thoughts crossed my mind then.  All gone for now! Oh well.

I have often wondered why other people don’t think about the same sort of things I do.  I guess I am unique – nah, we all are in our own special ways.  I had always known that animals/birds/horses etc knew each of us as individuals.  I just read a report done about crows.  One researcher decided to see if the crows would react differently to him if he wore a mask while trapping and banding them.  So, he did just that.  Wore a mask.  Then after it was done, he asked students at the university he was trapping at to wear a mask and keep track of the crows reactions.  What it came down to was really all the formerly trapped or family of trapped crows or observant crows all had a FIT when they saw a person in a mask like he wore.  People without any masks were ignored. Interesting.  Not surprising to me at all.

If I carried a small video/still/recorder with me, I can’t imagine the stuff I could actually relate to paper, er e-ink.  Maybe one day I will 🙂

Enjoy the day all, one week ago, there was snow measurable snow and 47 degrees.  Today in the mid 70’s apparently.  See?

April 20 2012. Measurable snow in the back of my truck.

Where we live, in the desert where it snows, there are two seasons.  Winter and summer.  Not much in between!

Why do things have to change? I know, it’s the way of the world.  Progress.  Well, I do not approve. I don’t like this new WordPress format, and unless I find what I am looking for, I will remain crabby about it. Grr.

On other things, I see a link to an article on MSNBC.  They shorten things in an interesting way at times. I am sure you too have noticed that.  Most recently “Audio of call from woman landing plane, dies”  What? Never mind.  She didn’t die, her husband, the pilot died and there were others helping talk her through landing.  When they told her that they were closing streets near the airport, she said “don’t you have any confidence in me?”  OMG.  She made the landing, albeit hard.  Not bad for an 80 year old lady whose husband died while flying the two of them home.

This line caught my attention too.

‘Hawks beat Wings in shootout, earn sixth seed’

Ok, now that is just funny.  Of course Hawks would not care a bit about a seed, sixth or otherwise.  Ha 🙂

I see no way to save this post as a draft.  Of course.  Which means I either post it straight off, or risk losing it, or copy it to my email draft folder.  Bother.

So we will try the insert photo button now.


Sparrows at dawn in the lilac trees

Ok, house sparrows at dawn in the lilac trees.

This afternoon I spent some time pruning the old blooms out of the lilacs.  Very peaceful.  I need that calmness.  My internal self is lately quite scrambled. Too many things in my head.  Wish there were an “eject” button somewhere.  Or storage card, pop it in, load it, put it in a different place.  Then all the stuff in my head would stop competing for time at the front of my mind.  Or would it? Maybe more would just automatically regenerate.  **Shakes head**  Oh whatever.

Beautiful day, almost warm! Have a great weekend all, Happy Easter, Happy Passover, whatever you celebrate, have a nice time!

One of our trees through the snow yesterday

Some of the largest flakes I have ever seen.  It literally poured snow for hours, most of which didn’t stick due to the warmer temperature at that point.  Then the temp fell and the snow stuck.  Icy roads. Ice outside my back door.

Snow is beautiful, it is always so quiet once there is a layer of it on the ground.

I miss the beach.

I had loaded the most current photo program for my camera.  Transferred my photos from the digital camera.  Promptly lost them all, like as in hid them from myself.  Yesterday I finally figured it out.  I knew they were there, just had to figure out the path.  So, here is another one.  In the mid to lower right quarter, there are big white patches – snow clumps.  These flakes were inches across!!!  Flying slush!

Flying slush flakes!

Today is April Fool’s day.  My dad’s favorite day of the year.  I almost got snookered right off the bat by a local place and their post on Facebook.  Fans of the anime series Big O would be able to not only picture this, but understand its need 🙂  Here is the link 🙂   Love that tinyurl site!

I better go get busy, have things to do.  It is currently bright and sunny.  Hope it melts the ice off soon.  Have a great day all!