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Very put out Great Horned Owl mine this am.

What a wild night.  The weather forecasters said that by 2 am we could have winds up to 70 mph.  Yep, for once they were spot on.  At 1:58 am the winds arrived.  So, this morning there were lots of small branches down, one larger one in the road, which someone stopped and moved onto the edge of the property.  Lots of tree debris down……..this am, I  took care of the horses and goats, and went inside to get busy on writing.  Within minutes, my two dogs were doing the all out bark “THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE YARD !!! THE YARD !!!! NOW !!!!!!! ” and so out I went.  On the outside of the dog run, there was one of the baby Great Horned Owls.  Obviously blown out of the nest.  Aghhh.  So much for a quiet day.  After six phone calls, I got a rehab person who came and picked it up.  Here I was, with thick gloves on, a big dog crate, and a sheet to put over it…….and this young fellow drives up, takes a file storage box out of the truck and follows me.  He walks up to the owl, said “Hi Buddy” picked it up like I pick up my chickens, into the box it went and that was that.  I for some reason thought it would put up more of a fight……..that beak clacking they do when pissed off makes my blood run cold.  Yesterday I could see several heads in the nest, and I believe there is still one owl chick there.  It is possible that if there were two chicks, that one shoved this one out…….they do that.  But with the wind so strong last night, I am sure that is how this one ended up on the ground.

Enjoy your day all !


One of our first chickens "Red" the Rhode Island Red hen

The other evening, I was talking to my sister.  I said ” well I have to go, I need to put the sheep in the barn”………She laughed and laughed and laughed.  Well now, why is that funny ?  After all, I have been doing things like this for at least the last 12 years.   I suppose it does sound funny to a city person.  But if you consider that my days revolve around making sure the family is ok, then  I spend my spare time helping our old goat Audrey to her feet, feeding and caring for various animals, well I suppose it could be funny.  But to me, it is life.  Add in trips to town, and the occasional bit of time to myself, well life is speeding past. Needs to have regularly scheduled stops in my opinion.

In my time with animals, I have hand raised house sparrows, mourning doves, starlings, barn swallows, a king-bird, various other birds. Bottle fed kittens, mice, goats (what seems like millions of ’em) tried to save two BLM foals from the holding pens…..but they never seem to find them in time.  That is a hard thing, beautiful foals, one was really Thoroughbred looking, the other was the most spectacular Appaloosa color colt.  Both had been without milk for days……so sad.  So, they wisely don’t call on me when that happens now. I can’t do it all, and the heart wrenching things take a huge toll on me.

Living on this road, we end up with animals that are dumped here.  My best cat of all time was dumped here though, so I can’t complain that much.  But this week there was some disturbance outside, the chickens would go nuts, Kona the wild cat was not here at her normal times for food.  There was just something off, and I began to suspect a new animal out there.  I did find it, a cat who was likely ill, then too weak or wild to show itself.  It passed away warm and cared for shortly after I found it. Very sad.  At least I found it and not the chickens.

Today I go help my friend get some hay to her house. Better get moving !

Enjoy your day !

Our lilac trees blooming last year 🙂

Good afternoon all, I am sorry I have not been keeping up on my blog as I had thought I would. The owls continue to dominate the evenings and nights with their calls, but at least they are not in the title of this blog now, nor is their photo 🙂  The weather continues to be wacky… snowed yesterday night, got up to snow on the ground once again.  Today it is actually warm in the sunshine.  Supposed to be nice all week, then we hear not so, there is another storm on the radar.  Whatever, if I open the back door and it is white, it snowed. If it is wet, it is or did rain.  Weather actually means not much to me, as I am outdoors so much of the time. I have good boots and a good coat,  a wool hat with earflaps and my ever present baseball hats.  Well  one is a mustang hat, one is from Port Orchard and one is so faded and old, well it should be tossed.  But I wear them all, just not at once 🙂

Best get back to work, writing !

Enjoy your day !