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Red tulip

Yesterday, while driving back and forth to town by myself, I kept thinking of brilliant things to post.  I need to find a tape recorder.  Even making some sort of mental note to recall the brilliance failed.  As usual.  Oh well.

So, today, I say Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.  Am I the only one who has never been out to dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Most likely.  Oh well.  I have spent most of my life either being passionate about a cause, to the exclusion of normal everyday life, or caretaking various family members.   I have been in love once, infatuated several times.  Love and courtship are not something I am familiar much with.  I have never been out on a real date.  Just the idea scares the stuffing out of me, which would explain why I have never dated.  When I was younger, I would go out with a bunch of people.  I just do things backwards.  Married yes, date no.  Just weirdness.  I like that word.  It describes a lot of my life, even the weather.  Seems that our mild winter may give way to some fluffy white stuff.  That is fine, for a while.  Like perhaps take some photographs as I usually do, then it can leave.  After experiencing sliding backwards on Highway 395 at 3 am on Christmas morning one year then off the road (I was going to the hospital to pick up my husband from the ER)  I am so over ice/snow.  I know that God has saved me for a reason, first the broken neck (should have been dead- or at least toast), then the “should have been a bad wreck” icy slide.

I am just still getting up each day, being grateful to be able to do so.  Working hard and looking to make this situation we are in turn around.

Hope your day is what you want it to be, enjoy it!

Tulips in the front garden

Where does time go? Really?  Age has never made much of an impression on me, until the past year or so.  Now I hear that age old clock ticking.  Time is suddenly limited, not unlimited as the young feel.

Many years ago, I saved a mare who was in foal from the auction at Hollywood Park racetrack.  Bought for $300, the other bidder the kill buyer.  Less than two weeks later, the baby, Rusty was born.  Beautiful, perfect, sweet and oh so busy.  My first auction rescue, the foal Rusty will be 24 years old on Saturday. Once again, how did that happen?  She is not young any longer – and she gave me a pretty good scare health wise on Wednesday.  But today, she is eating and begging for carrots as usual.

One never knows how long we will be here to do the things we do.

We have had just a bit of snow, a bit of rain and the weirdest winter since we moved here 9+ years ago.  The lilac trees? I won’t even LOOK at them.  I know they will be budding.  Oh well.

Hope all is well out there in the world, take care, and tell those you care about you love them.

The past week or so, the snow geese have been so busy.  Our land is bordered on two sides by a large ranch, 340 acres or so.  They grow rye hay, and the geese love to land and forage for feed there.  Just like the photo.  I took lots of images.  They all were junk.  On our way to town Friday, mom and I saw them up close.  One would never have imagined that they were such a mixed bunch.  Adults, youngsters with immature feather patterns.  All sizes.  All LOUD.

Thousands and thousands of them.  Last week,  I walked to the back of our place and tried to get some photos or video but they took a look and sounded the “intruder alert” call and walked far away.  At least they didn’t fly.

I was in the back barn, which is metal.  Once they flew over and it sounded like some sort of huge aircraft droning over.  Deafening.  My barn cats ran and hid, it was quite interesting.  Now that they are settled in, great waves of them take off and circle over our place, flying very low.  They sometimes collide with each other which makes them even louder, telling each other off.

Just another perk of living so rural.