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The friendly Great Horned Owl kid earlier in the year.

Some years we have brilliant trees.  Actually I guess 8 of the 10 years we have been here have been really something.  Then two years, this being the second time this has happened – no real fall.  The daytime temps stay up, warm at night until BOOM, below freezing.  Snow. Rain. The lilac trees are confused again.  When this happens, the leaves freeze on the trees.  It deprives the root systems of the storage of the sap.  The trees in places here died the other year this happened.  Of the trees here, only one lilac has leaves trying to turn.  The ancient tree is still green albeit rather dull now.  Poor trees.

We always do have a short amount of fall here.  I say that we only have two season, winter and summer.  That is of course because we only have a bit of spring and usually even less fall.  Hmph.  One year we had spring, in January. It went on for weeks.  Then winter came back.  Weird.

So there is a tremendous storm in the east, dubbed “Frankenstorm” but it goes by the name of Sandy.  I have a friend who is bi-coastal, and she is in NY now.  Loves storms as I do too.  Stay safe my friend, I am sure you have what you need at hand for you and the girls 🙂  Be careful and make contact when you can!

I lost my series of fall photographs from the last 10 years with the hard drive failure, so I can’t pull one up to show how pretty it gets here.  So, you get an owl instead! Have a good day all, and my east coast friends be careful!!