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Sitting in the nest at noon. Eyes are closed 🙂

This photo is from last week.  Obviously not today, because I would have totally blown away before even getting to a vantage point to photograph them.  They have finally set up housekeeping.  Once again in the tree near our old farmhouse.  The nest has been vacant for two seasons, before that it was used for two  years by the parents of one of these owls.

The weather here has been completely nuts, as I guess everyone’s has.  The wind today was the worst continuous during the day ever it seems.  It about blew me off my feet several times.  I carry a pitchfork at times, and today it was used to stab the ground to keep me planted. I gave up on chores earlier and have only just now finished.

Stay safe everyone, this has been one wild day!



The biggest problem I have with writing stories about the animals I have known – mostly the rescues, is that there isn’t always a “happy ending” to them.  It’s not that they aren’t worth writing about, they are. I have hilarious chickens.  Very silly goats.  Amazingly intelligent horses.  Really interesting wild cats.  Wild birds, raised or rehabbed and released to the wild where they belong.  So many stories.

I feel like I need a few days with a like minded person to help me figure out what and how to write things.  Children’s books.  That is what I strive for at this point with the stories.  My problem is that rescued animals are rescued for a reason. Hurt, starving, abandoned, abused.  Not all stories have good endings.  Dark stories, sadness.  The common thread is that they came to me, and I helped them.  When they leave, each one takes a piece of my heart.  A few years ago, my heart said ENOUGH!  So for the most part, I have not been as active as I had been in the past.  It isn’t easy.  The “fixer” in me clamors to help still.

Sunrise pink reflected on my barn 🙂

We live in the paradise of rural country living.  Town is 15 miles from here.  Shopping for milk becomes a 3 hour venture usually.  It is always something.  Oh, back to the point Pam.  Life gets in the way.  My health gets in the way.  I want to get these stories out of my head.  I will always remember this, that when Stephen King was asked why he writes such terrifying things, he said it was better to write it down (and give it to us) and get it out of his head.  I totally get it.  Write it down, make room for other stuff.  Or in his case, give us his nightmares 🙂  I love Stephen King anyway.

Killdeer bird

The snow geese have flown on to their spring nesting grounds.  The Canada geese are nesting locally.  The Killdeer are back, and they like to nest in the open ground in my pasture in back.  This morning one of the adult Bald Eagles and two youngsters flew lazily overhead, flapping slowly and playing as they made their way across the valley and over our ranch.  The Great Horned Owls are nesting in the tree near our house.  I lay listening to them talk to each other before dawn most days.  Lovely.  Peaceful.

Life is beautiful, even with snow, freezing temps and lilac trees budding out anyway.  Might be 60 degrees today, with more snow by the beginning of next week.  One thing here is that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a bit and it is totally different.

Enjoy the day all!