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Dawn November 26 2010

My usual look out the front door was stunning……..ran for the camera.  The more I looked, the better the shots got.  It was somewhere below 20 degrees, but hey, who cares ?  I went down the front walk, out the gate, across the road and down another 50 feet or so.  Then I realized I was still in my fuzzy purple slippers, pink sleep pants and a gray sweatshirt.  Hmmmm at this point cue the car coming down the road.  I didn’t even look at the driver, once again, who cares?  I was angling for shots without the power lines or houses etc.  Beautiful. Here is what I saw first…



which was when I just followed the shots…


Looking across the road over the neighbors place

When I realized I could no longer feel the camera buttons, I headed back inside.  I had to have my son shut the camera off 🙂  fingers were crackling in that very unpleasant way they do when you are stupid and don’t wear gloves.  Whatever.  It was well worth it.


Good morning all !

Have a good day everybody.  Enjoy every minute!!!


Not where one usually sees a dog waiting....

About a week ago, when in town to pick up some essentials, there was the dog.  On the roof of his owner’s truck.  Waiting.  None too patiently 🙂  First time I had ever seen this.

Just returned from dinner with my mom, son and our friend Judy.  Nice meal, quite and relaxing.  Thought out in advance for the first time in more than 8 years.  Felt good to focus on something like this.

The weather has been very cold.  This time we didn’t get near the snow they said we would………what did fall melted a lot and left ice crunch everywhere.  I broke it up with my pitchfork and raked it out of the path with my garden rake.  The green grass is still growing looks like.  Don’t know how that could be, it was 22 outside my kitchen window when I came inside from doing late chores.  Here is the path going towards my side of the creek.

I hope that wherever you are, you are staying warm and had a nice meal.

Night all !



Cold day

Blue skies, a bit of wind, it was 6 degrees………..out to do chores now.



Lilacs at dawn - flocked by nature !

It arrived.  Snow.  Hours long power failure.  Now it is just winter.  Zip !  Just like that we are in whiteness.  Now I remember that I was supposed to find or buy some more clip on sunglasses.  Better go look for them.

The lilac trees are budded working on leaves thanks to the bizarre weather patterns in the last month or six weeks.  Heat.  Rain.  The snow outside lies on my three-inch long green grass front lawn.  Most interesting.

I am very thankful that it was not terribly cold, the lights I have in my coop for my miniature chickens of course was out from perhaps 12:30 am till 5 something.  Poor chicky ladies.

Off to check the ranch, stay warm and safe all !!! We are supposed to get snow all weekend here.


First shot November 16 2010


I woke up.  Sat up.  Then I looked through the bamboo blinds, which actually do have a sheer sage green curtain over them, point being, they can be seen through…..and could already see reds and golds of an amazing sunrise.  I cleared my head, jumped into my boots and with camera in hand, hiked across the bridge to take the first shot, with power lines.  A couple of hundred feet later, this shot.  Click on to enlarge 🙂


A minute or so later, no power lines

Nature is so incredible.  Each day so different.  I had never lived in an area with so much sky to watch.  I have either lived in smog so we couldn’t see the mountains rimming the valley……or in the mountains where you didn’t see much sky due to the mountains VBG !  Here, it is a valley, but it is perhaps 60 miles the long way.  LOTS of sky to watch. Love it.  I was running around outside in my pj’s, and came in thinking it wasn’t so cold now. Yay ! Then at some point I looked at the indoor thermometer, and it was 55 in the living room, and 32 outside. Big deal.  Outside I go again to work on that HUGE woodpile.  My son is working too, but I think I am going to call the neighbors and see if I can borrow one to help.  Supposed to start snowing by the end of the week so they say………enjoy your day all !



Front porch of the Saratoga Inn, Whidbey Island WA

Last weekend, I was given the gift of attending Bob Mayer’s writing workshops on Whidbey Island, WA.  Gorgeous location, wonderful B & B to stay in, where the classes were held.  Bob Mayer is an excellent teacher.  Clear, to the point.  I loved watching him listen to the other participants of the classes.  He was obviously so used to being diplomatic in his responses……..for me, it was “why would we want to read about this character ?  What does she do that makes it worth our while?”   Right !  Exactly !  On to the next person please!  Ha 🙂  I learned SO much… friend Carol was the driving force behind our weekend – and we both are going to become published, because WE are the only ones that can control that, right Carol ? 🙂 VBG !

I had opted to trade up on my cell phone, the clamshell style LG phone I have carried everywhere is two years old.  I got an LG Ally.  It arrived a few days before my trip, and while I am FINALLY getting used to it and all its fancy functions, I scared myself a number of times while I was gone… taking it out while on the observation deck of the ferry, and darn near losing my grip on it – it would have hop-skip and jumped right into the Puget Sound.  Guess that is why I am carrying insurance on it !!!

Anyway, we had a great time, and yes, at the end of both Saturday’s class and Sunday’s class our heads were going to explode.  How could they not ?  So much timely information.  Bob truly has his finger on the pulse of publishing now, and I plan to do all I can to learn what he knows about it and apply it to my career.  Thank you Carol, I learned SO much 🙂 Like not to eat a full lunch and then order a full dinner !  Ha !  We walked to dinner each night, such a lovely island community. I loved this huge metal rooster.

They call him "MR.ROOSTER".........5 foot high !

Hope you are all staying warm, it was 19 degrees last night. Ugh, winter arrives…….not like we didn’t expect it !