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Through my life, animals and nature have played a big part in my existence. Thoroughbreds, horse racing.  That was long before drugs, unsoundness issues and surgery ruined the gene pool and the sport.  There have been other animals, special goats, cats, dogs.  I have rehabbed a number of wild birds after my first save – a house sparrow named Myrtle.  I found a wildlife rehabilitation place and called them. She was 6 weeks old. They told me that she was imprinted on me and returning her to the wild was not an option.  So, she was my dear friend.  I was owned by Myrt for 14 years.  She was a class act.  Lovely soul.  Wild things come and go.  Baby creatures I am lucky enough to raise and send on their way.  Creatures find me.  Years ago, a wild cat appeared at my back door at night.  Dark, quiet, then “scratch, scratch” on the back door.  There stood a cat.  I didn’t know him, and he walked in.  When I reached down to stroke his head, I felt a string? I turned on the light.  A fishing line.  He had a fishhook through his upper eyelid!   Having no tools to snip the hook, I carefully backed the hook out.  He stood perfectly still for this procedure. Once the hook was removed, he went to the door, I opened it, and he left.  He returned one other time,  with cactus spines stuck on the top of his head.  Again, he stood still with no coaxing, while I removed a great lot of them.  Then he left.  I have come to believe there is an invisible sign outside that says to come in and the girl will fix you.  Because I do, if I can.

It is no secret I love owls, Great Horned Owls in particular.  It was with great happiness I observed the second generation male owl and his mate nesting in the tree near the house.  They raised two youngsters.  I talk to them when I am outside, they observe me doing chores, going about my day.  In the evening they see me feed and water the dogs near the tree they have slept in since fledging.  They are quite used to me.  When the one chick missed landing in the tree in my dogs yard, and was caught by the feet in some old wire, it calmly stood and observed me.  The parent owls who were quite concerned relaxed once I approached.  The male flew off and the female flew to the neighbor’s electric pole and watched.  I helped the young owl, lifted the wire and gave it a perch and it stepped up and flew off with the mom owl behind it.  It never hissed.  It never clacked its beak (I really dislike THAT sound)  Yes, I would say the owls are used to me.

Yesterday, I saw the two youngsters in the sleeping tree.  I got the camera and took a few photographs of them.  This was before the other youngster got on the same branch for a nap.

Night before last I observed the parent owls circling far above the owl trees.  One flew off to the mountain.  The other flew down, banking sharply down before getting to the tree and sounded a call, then banked up and flew on.  The young owl flew off after the parent.  Being summoned up the mountain I think.  It seems they move up off the valley floor in the summer.  I will keep my fingers crossed that they return in the fall as they have in previous years.

The evening was long.  My health continues to slow me down.  After dinner I get a surge of energy and finish whatever chores were undone.  Almost dark, I went over to moms house.  The young owls screech into the darkness, and they fly about from tree to tree.  I haven’t seen the parents bring food for about a week.  At times I see the youngsters perching on the roof peak of the old barn.  After my visit with mom,  I went out the door, stepping onto the deck.  The call of the young owl was close by, which was odd.  I saw it sitting on the corner post of the paddock, down low, right next to the path.  I have never seen an owl perch on one of those posts.  Next to the driveway, the old horse in that paddock didn’t notice.  But the owl watched me come out of the house. It  called again, then slowly turned and flew back to the owl tree.  Was it waiting for me?  I don’t know.  I like to think so.