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One of my white peacocks

People ask me the oddest things………When looking at my bird pictured above, they either say “it is an albino bird !!”, which is incorrect, as the birds  have dark blue eyes…..or one of my favorites, which is “what is THAT???”  Ha.  I got the white peacocks as hatchlings, and they believed me to be their parent bird.  They would follow me everywhere, and come when I called them.  When they began to fly, they would go overhead and look down at me like “Duh, why aren’t YOU flying ?” then circle back, land and commence following me again.  We live in an old farmhouse that originally had two heat sources,  a woodstove in the living room, which is still there and used to keep us from freezing to death.  The other was used for a wood cook stove in the kitchen.  Above the roofline stands the chimney that is in the kitchen wall now.  The top is covered with a steel plate.  There is a point to this…….when the peacocks began to fly and wanted to roost up high, they of course chose the roof.  When indoors, I would hear this clink clink noise.  I would rush outside and look up.  Both birds would invariably be standing on the roof.  Not on the top of the unused chimney.  On the roof.  This went on for weeks, and one day, I was outdoors and I happened to see one of them tap dancing on this metal plate, which is on top of the terra cotta chimney top.  Clink clink…….aghhhh. You get the idea.  Silly things.

I got to thinking about the types of people I “follow” on Twitter.  Kind of like when I compiled a list of the different jobs I have had at one time or another….quite varied to put it mildly.

Today is Sunday….and the weather is absolutely horrible.  Not cold enough to snow, but fierce wind and rain.  I haven’t ventured out to check the livestock yet (I can see them from the window) and need to do that. Best send this to the server before the power goes blinking off again.

Stay warm and have a good day !




Well, I would (and do) still say that.  However…..I could say the same for people as well.   We  are here on this planet, each one of us,  such a short time.  For example, it occurred to me that my house, built in 1905, is so much older than I will ever be.  Hmmm.   I used to be so hung up on “things” or “stuff”.  No longer.  Having lost so many loved ones close to me through the years, especially when my dad then my husband died…..well, it gives one a much different outlook.  I have had my share of health issues, broken neck, almost dead from toxic buildup of artificial sweetener in my body……it has been almost 4 years since I figured that out and stopped drinking or eating anything with artificial stuff in it.  I still have lingering problems, my memory is not what it used to be, my hearing suffered.  It aggravated my rheumatoid arthritis terribly and I am just not as good as I used to be.  But hey, I am here, working hard…….I am still  (I love this phrase) on  still on THIS side of the dirt !  So, that counts for a lot.  I stick by my mantra that “each day is a chance to do something different”.


Yesterday turned out to be a full of writing day.  I am very happy for that.  I did some photo uploading and downloading, editing and posting.  I wrote a whole other blog and saved it for later.  I read the MSNBC news and saw that Barbara Billingsley, the actress who played June Cleaver in the television show “Leave it to Beaver” passed away at age 94.  You know the only time my husband took me out to dinner was at Billingsleys, on the golf course in Van Nuys.   I kid about the fact that I have never dated, I only get married.  That is difficult on some people, but it is for the most part true.  Oh well.  Life goes on, babies are born, people die.  There is  a coffee house in town, and they revel in putting odd sayings up on their sign board.  The best one I can recall is “Live life to the fullest. No one gets out alive !”.  How true.  As I sit here and type, looking out the window at the trees who stand at the edge of our property……they have seen it all.  Steam locomotive going past (there was a railroad line in front of this house many years ago, I am still finding railroad spikes and there are sections of track here and there on the ranch).  Horses and wagons.  Now it is semitrucks.  Progress…or is it really ?

I think what it comes down to is make of life what you want and need.  Simple things, buy that coffee you like, or those heritage tomatoes (well yeah, when they are on sale).  If you need new shoes, decide to get them before the weather turns nasty.  You are worth it.  There is not one person like you on the planet.  We are all special.  Unique.  Enjoy the day !

7:30 pm October 12, 2010

Click on the photo, it will open in a larger form……very neat.  The moon last night peeking through our Halloween type trees… it.  Just enough moisture in the air to give it a haze…..The and the ocean have always been so fascinating to me.  Now that I have lived in the desert for so long, I have had to make due with the sand and the wind and the SKY…..but on nights like last night…… bring on the moon !  I could take a hundred shots of it – thank the technology geeks for the present of digital cameras !  Although as I recall it was quite something to change film so quickly with my 35 mm camera DURING a horserace……heehee – still got the shot at the finish ! But this is neater and handy to be able to “waste” shots just to get a great one, without really wasting film. Nice.

Off to try and get more important stuff done 🙂 Enjoy the day all !


Sunset In October 2006


So many things going on in so many different directions I feel like I am being pulled along in a whirlpool………not quite being pulled under, but too close to be safe……… is like that, right ?

Love these photos.  This is my cat Hawaii when he was about 6 months old.


Hawaii not long after he found his way to our home 🙂


He and his friend Kona were abandoned. Once I was recovering from being so sick from the toxic buildup of artificial sweetener in diet Coke, I looked to something different to drink. I had just started drinking coffee, and naming the new cats  Kona and Hawaii seemed right.  Hawaii was only with us for just short of a year.  Kona is still here and waits under the lilac trees each morning for her breakfast.  She is only going to be four, but was terribly hurt by some animal when she arrived here.  Her poor ears are very worn looking, but overall she is doing well thankfully.  Still wild as a march hare though….


Kona when she was one year old


Pets add so much to our lives.  I am thankful for our four legged furry friends….well and my feathered friends too. Doves and chickens. Such characters they all are.  This next photo is Tweety.  She was brought to me as a last ditch hope to find a home, as the next stop was going to be someones “stew pot” eeeeeeeeeee.  They thought she was a rooster.  One day, not long after she arrived, being such a pet, she was following me around as usual.  Then she was saying “booooooccccckkkkk”  When I looked down, there was a perfect light brown egg.  Good Tweety !  Now, as she has aged, she still follows me around commenting on what I am doing.  When I go out to feed them, she preceeds me to the feed can.  If I am too slow, she pecks my foot ! Nothing like being bossed by a chicken 🙂


Tweety, a Polish cross hen


Happy Birthday to a friend far away today.  Dale I hope you have a wonderful day and don’t wear yourself out with that yard renovation ! Eat some cake !

Enjoy your day all !

The garden dept at a local store....

Some things never cease to amaze me.  I took this photo, and the one that I will post below in the garden dept at the only big store in town. I mean we do have several grocery stores, but this is IT for shopping clothing and “stuff”.

As you may have seen me put in closing of posts at times “from the desert where it snows”.  Hmm.  Ok, nowhere in THIS desert, indoors or otherwise, do I know of one person who would use this stuff.  I would LOVE to have a lemon tree……..but it would never survive our winters.  Same with a palm.  Ugh. Very silly to me………

I don't need this stuff, I have hawks and owls !

Seriously ?

Now the other day we did see a beetle outside of mom’s house.  NEVER had I seen one of this size……..between 3 and 4 inches long.  Did I mention it FLIES ??? OMG. Mom had the poor luck to have one get in her house and it flew over to her and landed on her arm one night……I think she said the one outside was bigger.  It went under the front porch.  We sat on that same porch last night, after dinner.  Mom was seeing lightning strikes, I was hearing thunder.  I was wondering if the beetle was watching us.  I missed most of the light show 🙂  Then once it was dark, it rained just a bit, in a few patches.  I woke at four am, hearing the patter of rain on the lilac tree leaves.  So I went back to sleep and dreamed our neighbors had sold their property and we were riding back from the big city on horseback.  It was fantastic, I was on my horse Toby, a brilliantly colored Appaloosa…….only problem with this scenario was……..let’s see.  65 miles from home on horseback…….oh yeah, because of my $%&#  broken neck I don’t ride……..oh and my horse passed away……..ten years ago ? Gak.

Time to get moving, espresso in hand, dry cereal nearby.

Have fun today, take time for yourself ! It is so important we do that for ourselves….

Ice in a puddle Winter 2009

The look of things to come, likely too soon.

It had been  like fall for weeks.  My horses have had their winter hair grown in since mid August.  Today it was like 93 degrees.  Ugh.  Neither the animals or the people have any idea what the weather is doing it seems.  All week, hot.  Breaking records everywhere.  It seems if you were not being flooded out, you were being pan-fried.  One day in Los Angeles, it was 113 degrees.  Then I hear that the “official” thermometer was broken for several hours, so it was “likely” hotter than 113.  OMG.  The hottest day in recorded history for LA.

The other day I agreed to bring home a rescued rooster.  He is a breed called “Frizzle”.  Guess what his name is ?  Ah yes………it is……..Mr.Frizzle.  I can’t claim that name giving title, he was pre-named.  I will take a photo of him tomorrow, he is so interesting to look at !  He was raised as a pet, and he is the nicest boy. He and I went through the drive through at Jack In The Box that day.  He rode on the front seat of my pickup, passenger side of course 🙂  He was seat belted in of course too.  In his transport cage that is.  He didn’t even crow at the worker.  In fact the worker didn’t even NOTICE him.  Perhaps that is what comes of living rural.

The sun goes down much earlier now.  It is not even 7:30 pm and it is pitch dark.  All too soon, I will feed at 3:30 pm and be pretty much dark by 4:30…..or earlier, I forget.  Or rather I don’t want to remember.

My son is playing Aerosmith………the song “Dream On” which the beginning reminds me of Led Zepplin’s  “Stairway to Heaven”.  I expect to hear that soon….today’s youth has such a huge playlist available to them.  I may hear Johnny Cash one day, Aerosmith the next.  Or perhaps the Dead Kennedys… is always interesting.  My son was stunned to hear that the musicians in Aerosmith are older than I am 🙂  I had a song stuck in my head the other day, for once not compliments of my son.  It was by a band by the name of Kansas……..the song ? “Dust In The Wind”.  In high school, my friend who lives far away in Japan now – Debbie 🙂  used to play that a lot.  I can’t hear it without thinking of her and the house in Encino.  I blessed her with a “remember this song email” and she graciously got it stuck in HER head VBG !

“Don’t hang on. Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky”…………..

The trees across the street are turning for real now, the lilac trees will soon do the same.  Kona the wild cat continues to inhabit our yard, and happily greets me for breakfast each day.  The owl family comes and goes, and the sparrows, starlings and blackbirds  are numerous.  The first white crown sparrows appeared yesterday, on their yearly migration stopover here.

Take care of each other, enjoy each day and remember to say “I love you”.  This ride ends unexpectedly, altogether too soon… enjoy each precious second of it.  I do !