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Lilacs 2011

Well, I will try this again.  WordPress, the hosting company for this blog has been wonky lately.  Like type a whole blog, saving it along the way.  Automatic saves too thanks to WordPress.  Click “preview” and there is only the title.  No blog.  Switch back to the edit page, and it shows ZERO word count.  Aghhh!

Their support is out until today.  I checked the forums and since no one else noted this particular glitch, guess it’s me.  Or rather the electricity in a box that sits here by my feet.  So, cache cleaning, cookie ejecting, you name it.  Now I am typing and I have no idea if it will save to publish or not.  Maybe I will just bypass the preview stage.  Yeah, that is a good idea (so I hope)  We shall see.

So, lilacs to start the day, have a good one all!


Good day for a birthday.  That is nice.  This morning, I went to my friends to take care of her critters.  She is out of town visiting her mom.  So, my son came along to go to do a bit of shopping with me.  I have had my eye on an outdoor chair cushion forever it seems.  However at $35 each, it wasn’t gonna happen. Today, we swung past the outdoor area at Walmart.  AhHA!  The cushions weren’t just on sale, they were getting rid of them as fast as they could.  Above the racks of them, a sheet of letter sized paper  “All Cushions $1”  Really?  OMG!

The second seat of my Chevy 🙂

We had fun.  I mean really fun with this!  Two cushions for my son’s tent.  One for my beloved iron chair that I sit in next to the lilac trees-yes the one I have been hoping to have.  One for the garden bench.  One for the wood bench I bought for ten dollars and have repainted several times.  It has always needed a cushion.  Now it has one!  Plus some matching very soft puffy pillows.  A bench cushion for mom’s swing.  We made quite a haul!  Several hundred dollars of cushions/pillows for under $20 bucks.  YAY!!!  All because our WalMart is making room for Christmas.  Here in the remote reaches of northeastern California, I have discovered several things.  One, is that the day after a holiday, when all the GOOD chocolate candy is 50% off, you can buy it that day and the next few weeks because we always have extra at the stores.  🙂  Also, Christmas decorations appear in October, and are in the garden shop until at least April.  Pretty silly, but fun anyways.  I know I have been living where there are no department stores for a long time because of the following.  I am actually excited to see what decoration/motif will be on the microfiber throws that WalMart will sell for Christmas.  I love these things.  I bought one two season ago, a bright Chevy red with good-looking reindeer in white.  It is thick and just lovely.  It usually is on my bed all winter.  I admit I did get it out and put it on the bed a few weeks ago.  While it has been lovely not to have to put on all sorts of  gear because of the weather, I do miss being snuggled down and comfy.  Summer just isn’t it for me.  I love fall, and have had a good time recently taking photographs.  Ahhh.

Maple - fall 2011

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.  It has been a good day!

Before you begin reading, know that this topic gave me fits.  The blog is choppy, and I edited/revised it 14 times.  I give up, here it is.

My friend Carol posted a blog on that topic.  What do YOU want to accomplish before you pass to that next stage, from this world to the next stop?  Whatever it is, however you believe doesn’t matter.  What do you want to get done in the here and now of this life?

I saw a quote recently, and I am sorry to say I don’t remember where.  It said “there are no luggage racks on a hearse”  How true!  We can’t take any of the accumulated “stuff” or $$ with us once we are done breathing.  So, what do you want to get done while you are here?

That is a big question for me actually.  A terribly difficult one really.  I don’t do well thinking of what I want.  I find things for other people.  I take care of others, people, animals.  I just said goodbye to a night hawk bird.  It lived here for maybe 7 weeks and finally was strong enough to fly away.  Most amazing.  The coolest bird I have EVER seen.  I didn’t even know what it was when I got it.  Now I know lots! I seem to have lost the ability to really care about material things.  Not that there isn’t a lot of stuff around, but what really matters? Truly matters?  **Sigh**

But back to the bucket list thing.  From the second I could drive away, when I got my driver’s license I was GONE!  Off I went in my 1961 VW bus.  Off to the racetrack I went, working at Santa Anita, Hollywood Park and Del Mar.  Ah those were the days.  I could move what little I owned in my bus.  I could LIVE in my bus for that matter, and would have if I had needed to.  My bus and I had many adventures, and we lived to tell about it.  Great fun.  Hmm. Maybe I did all my bucket list stuff before I got to be this age.

I was just responsible for me back then.  I worked where I wanted, I supported myself.  I happily worked for some of the best trainers in the US.  Then I got sidetracked, by my first love reappearing in my life.  We had a son.  I discovered a sad truth, about my husband, while I was pregnant that I didn’t know what an alcoholic was.  Until then.  I likely should have cut and run and never looked back.  But I didn’t.  So, for the last 20+ years I have tended to other people.  Took care of Pop, took care of my husband until he passed away.  I should note he died sober.  Liver failure, caused by being accidentally poisoned by a copper wood preservative product.  Amazing, only his luck as he would say. Anyway,  Mom has had a number of health issues.  I have my own issues, doesn’t everyone?  But putting myself first has not been one of those issues for many many years.

It was difficult to even say that I was writing.  To tell anyone. Now that I have, I have met some absolutely wonderful, supportive people.  No, I am not published yet, but I will be.  No doubt.  It is the craft I need to refine.  I need to learn proper punctuation.  I know that.  It is like having two different colored socks on, hidden by your slacks.  You know it is there, just out-of-order, but not many people point it out.  YET.  I have got to get that resolved.

As far as a bucket list, that is still elusive.

I, like Carol, wish to live a good life.  To care for those who are important to me.

I would like to sell my photographs, perhaps as art, perhaps as calendars. Or cards.

I will be published, and I will be successful.  So there 🙂

A tree by the courthouse in town

Something that has been bugging me a bit is this.  My cell phone, when plugged into the wall, charges in a short period of time.  Then when I use the USB cable to charge it, it can take hours.  Charging with the USB cable never makes the phone become hot.  Wall charge? Hot? Yes! That is why I do not use that way of charging any longer.  Car charger? HOT!  Quick charge, but I would never leave it plugged in, too scary.  So, I charge via the computer now.

A few days ago, I won two tickets to two nights of the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) World Finals.  The question to answer had to do with what Ring of Honor member of the PBR trained a Kentucky Derby winner.  That of course was Carl Nafzger.  I found the tweet a minute after it was posted with the opportunity.  I was first to respond, and shockingly I won.  I love contests and I have won some really memorable things.  The unfortunate thing about the tickets was  that I am over 500 miles from there.  I have obligations here and with finances what they are…well you get the picture.  So, I wrote back that I was thrilled to win, but give them to the next person with my compliments.  Oh well.  One day I will get to a live PBR event.  Someday!

I entered a contest with a short version of my current work in progress.  The original deadline was the end of September.  They extended it until today at 5 pm eastern time.  The editors will choose 3 finalists then the grand prize winner will be chosen by November 15.  Exciting times here in the desert!  It is a step, and I learned a lot doing it.  Following what I learned in the Michael Hauge workshop in NYC.   Now to really finish my current work and get it sent out.  I can do it and I am confident in my work.  It is just a matter of time.  Isn’t it always?

Enjoy your day, still Indian Summer here.  Soon the snow will fly and we will get tucked in for the winter.  I should be racing around getting stuff put up for the season, but we shall see.

The Milky way, Northern lights and a meteor. Tommy Eliassen Caters News Agency

What am amazing shot this is.  For those who missed seeing it on’s front page today.  Magical, mystical and almost unbelievable.  This fellow, Tommy Eliassen regularly shoots this area of Ifjord, Finnmark, Norway.  That night, the clouds moved out leaving a bit of a clear sky window for the opportunity.  Eliassen made the photo on Sept. 25 using a Nikon D700 with a wide angle lens and long exposures between 25 and 30 seconds.  He got 7 shots before the clouds came back.  A possible once in a lifetime occurrence for a photographer.  Great job!

In other news…………first my little flat screen Polaroid television quit working. That was really a bummer, as it wasn’t even two years old.  Then I was using an old regular TV from someone’s kitchen (mine, mom’s, forgot where it came from) Then IT went all fritzy and it would start an amazingly loud screeching noise with white lines at the top of the picture. So I would have to leap and shut it off manually (the remote quit communicating w/the TV and yes I tried new batteries, I tried everything!) So, I gave up yesterday, went into town and bought a used TV at the thrift store.  For Five (yes, $5)  dollars and yes it has a remote. Best of all? IT WORKS! Yay, thank you Nu2You, what a great store! Funny how we get used to our creature comforts 🙂

Have a good day all!  Sunny and warm here, Indian Summer?

I am once again reminded of how very tiny we as humans are.  Such a vast sky.  I don’t take photographs of the night or even the moon very well.  Not that I don’t try, I do.  I have one photograph of the moon, that when I refined it we could see the craters!  I have to look for it and share.  Ah! Here it is.

The moon on August 21 in 2008

So many different things life is comprised of.  I prefer to focus on the good, the beauty of things.  My lilac trees are thinking about beginning to turn colors.   Soon they will drop their leaves.  They don’t change into one color, but a variegated  mass of pretty color and random patterns.

Enjoy the day all.  Stay warm.  Remember to tell those that matter to you how much!

Yep, we live in the country 🙂

Somehow September zipped right on past me.  Not a blog to be seen that month.  Well, I will try to be better about it.  I have been writing. Using every bit of time I can find to do just that.  Write.  In my time off the blog, I put to use the amazingly needed information I gathered in the workshops that Michael Hauge did at the RWA convention in NY.  I came home and totally deconstructed what I had, and when I was just starting to put it back together, I found out about a contest.  So, I did a 23,600 word version and sent it in.  Let me tell you, that hitting send on that entry was scary.  And thrilling.  And so very filled with relief.  I have a hint of what it is going to be like when I type “the end” on my WIP.  I have learned SO much the past two years.   People come into our lives, sometimes for a day, a week, a month or years.  We never know what the impact they will have on our lives might be.  Through an admired writer friend of ours,  I met a wonderful woman who is now one of my best friends.  She is strong. Brilliant.  Busy wife, mom, business woman.  Amazing caregiver. Fellow writer.  Jaguar lover 🙂  Gifted photographer of sunsets and interesting doors amongst other things.  We exchanged emails and she has become my strongest ally.  God blessed us when we met.  We have attended several writing conventions, a writers weekend on Whidbey Island.  Because of her and the support she has given to me, I am going forward.  Armed with information and confidence.  Plus the inner strength to know that I not only can do it, but AM doing it – “it”  meaning me finishing the WIP and sending it out when it is vetted thoroughly.  Thank you Carol, what you have done for me there aren’t words for.

The docks in Richmond British Columbia October 2009

We went to the SIWC in Surrey BC in October of 2009.  Beautiful British Columbia.  Gorgeous Canada.  The photo above was taken with my little cell phone camera.   Last year it was the writers weekend that Bob Mayer teaches.  That was on Whidbey Island WA.  I love the islands there.   Just lovely.  Aside from Bob’s voice (still) echoing in my mind “WHY should we care about this character?”  it was another amazing learning experience.  June this year we were in New York City!  Loved it.  The RWA conference.  Michael Hauge.  What an experience and an honor to have attended.  Learned so much – I really can’t emphasize that enough 🙂

Have a lovely weekend all, looks like it may be the last of the decent weather here in the desert where it snows.