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One of my favorite people has a book release today !  Susan Wiggs !  This is part of a wonderful series, the Lakeshore Chronicles.   Do yourself a favor and run out and buy several copies.  One for you of course, and give one to a friend, or the local library !  Susan writes beautifully, of people and their lives – of loves and hope.  Always worth the read.  She has been writing long enough that there is a serious backlist of her titles, some being re-released.  The Chicago Fire trilogy is coming out for a second run, don’t miss it either.

Congratulations Susan, have you settled on a title for the Daisy book yet :)?  Looking forward to that one too……of course she could write the outside of an oatmeal box and I would read it !

Enjoy the day all, and go get that book !




This was a most amazing surprise shot I took the other day.  This is shot looking down into a partially frozen (bottom) partially thawed (top) of the birdbath I have – under the lilac trees (of course :)) with bigger lilac branches up higher.  I took four or five shots, and this was the weirdest but coolest one. 

Nature is teasing us.  We have had warm days (anything above 40 is shirtsleeve weather for me now) in the low 50’s.  Then woke up to snow yesterday, then 11 degrees last night.  Kona, the wild cat was outside, but basking in the sun, not interested in breakfast yet.  Of course I had already plated her food, which unfortunately was some sort of cod….now my mud room will be fragrant for a while.  If I had left it outside, the birds would have made it disappear in half a minute. 

Lots to do as always, enjoy your day !

Last nights gift to the lilacs..........snow again


Yesterday and the prior few days it was lovely.  LOVELY.  Like just sweater weather.  But noooooo, our “chance of a dusting” became 5 inches of snow.  The poor lilacs.  At least they have not done any budding yet.  

So, today was OCD snow shoveling.  Even though this stuff is melting off quickly, I finally figured out that if I move it before it melts, the ground does not get mudded up.  Which means I can use my cart to feed with still, which I like.  Not that using my sled to feed from is bad, it just is easier on me.   

Should figure out something for our dinner – have some editing to get done too.  Watched the PBR “Iron Cowboy” Bull riding competition.  Bracket style, and while my picks bucked off and didn’t advance, it was great to watch.

Enjoy the rest of the day !

I have 🙂  We have some classy athletes don’t we ?  Apolo Ohno.  Olympic speedskater 🙂  What a smart fellow this one is.  Very refreshing.  I have been following his Tweets from Vancouver (or Vancity as he calls it )  Intelligent, looks at the big picture.  A good read, even at 140 characters  VBG !  If you Twitter, he is at  @ApoloOhno  and worth listening to.

Off to watch the halfpipe womens event…….

This is “Chicken on a Chain”  the 2007 PBR Bull of the Year.

PBR is the Professional Bull Riders.  If I had seen this compiled show of the “worst wrecks of 2009” before I ever watched an event, I don’t think I would have ever watched……….OMG…….these guys are amazing.  Athletic, strong, tough, and boy do they get their bell rung sometimes !  Terrible to see that…..then they seem to come back the next week anyway !  Recently, the announcers have said a few things that are just plain funny to me.  About a bull who was just not all there performance wise that was noted the rider was having a time with it, like he was having no effect “like spurring a duck”…….but tonight, one fellow took a terrible blow to the head, was knocked out.  Took a while to get him to his feet, and as the attending doctor and staff led him away, the announcer said “He is still trying to gather up his chickens”.  Geez.  Young kids that have been riding for years already, broken up physically, but huge purse money to be had – by the week per event, and at the end of the year. 

A week since I blogged.  Mostly my excuse is that the weather is better, but still cold inside the house.  Somehow it is weird to me to “waste” good firewood when the weather is nice.  Not that nice apparently though since the inside temp is usually about 54 degrees.  Another “duh” for me I suppose.

What did I do this past week ? Uh….went to two dress rehearsals for the local symphony.  Including one that I took cookies I baked for their “break” snack.  Don’t even ask how THAT happened 🙂  My life just keeps on being weird.  But that is ok, I have one friend who is in Hawaii……..and one who was in San Francisco………and here I am in the same place.  Write !!!  Write !!! Write !!!  **Smiles** ok, I will.

Enjoy the day all !

Fireworks in the making or ???

Yes, another photo of the Puget Sound.  🙂  One day we will live there instead of vacation.  Not that there is anything wrong with vacations there of course !  I got to thinking about how we decide to make something a goal….. do you have any you are working on now ? I have a number of them and I work on them each day.  Eating right, working on my books, making sure my family is in order, checking on my sister……lots of things.  Some simple. Some not so much. 

In giving a concession to my poor “slammed in the big metal door toe”, I was sitting with my foot up, watching some television.  I was reminded once again of how fleeting life can be. There are some givens with life, as follows. 

1. We all die. 

2. We never know when this may happen. 

3. Some know how (disease) 

4. Most of us don’t 

Thusly, I think of one of my favorite lines.  I have no idea who came up with it, but here it is.  “Life is not the number of breaths you take, but the number of times that take your breath away”.   Hmmmm, I have not typed that out before, and something does not look quite right.  Oh well.  I think you get the idea, right ?  Live in the moment, not where you hope you will be next year, or in five years.  Don’t be the person who leaves a special nightgown in it’s paper with the dear card from your husband……..waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it.  If you live like that, you may well never find that “perfect” moment.  Because the next time it gets out of the drawer is when someone is taking your stuff to the thrift store……Kind of an ongoing “bucket list” per se.  Being kind, living each day like it was your last ?  Those things don’t come out of thin air, they come from people who have faced their own mortality and come to accept it. 

Just enjoy life.  Enjoy who you are.  If you don’t like something, as long as you have another day – you can change.  You can make a difference, if only to your cat or dog.  Or go out and help the world, whatever is your passion. Because we all have passions, it just takes some people time to figure out they have them.  

Pay tribute to those that have gone before us by enjoying our lives NOW. 

I have a little plaque that I have had for many years, likely since I was 13 ? 14 ?  It is a quote from Fred Allen.  It says…… 

“You only live once.  But if you work it right, once is enough”.  

I have always liked that, it just took me a lot of years and mileage emotionally to “get it”.  Now go out and enjoy your family, friends, pets, etc.

Skies mid summer 07


 Today is one of those days I know I want to blog, but words are elusive.  Oh well,  maybe later on.  Settle for a photograph instead and enjoy your Sunday !

Hmmm, let me look into this and I will get back to you soon !

I talk to my animals. All of them. And not just when one may be stepping on my foot (or heaven forbid THAT toe ). I sing to them at times too, and am always grateful that we don’t have neighbors nearby. That would put a severe crimp in my interaction with them all VBG ! My chickens are great help. They follow me to wherever I am going, and look into any and all matters I bring up. Or that they get into. I can talk to them, and like all of my animals, they listen, are not judgmental and can help me by listening and not giving me any grief about what I am mulling. Horses are the best for crying on, they stand and listen. My 22 year old mare Rusty, who I have had since before she was foaled, listens best of all. She also has given my hugs with her head and neck when I was in the depths of despair over my husbands illness and subsequent death. Great therapists they all are.

Tweetie, overseer of all things chicken and otherwise !

This happened this morning, true story.

So, the woman picked up the box of frozen leaf spinach for her goat, collected the newspaper and commented to her pet chicken ” I am going in to read about my friend in the paper now”.    Ha !  True !  I just did that 🙂

Next week begins the Survivor All Stars.  I have an acquaintance who participated in this show, Benjamin “Coach” Wade.  Good luck to him this time around.  Maybe he will win.  Maybe he will get voted off first.  Who knows ?  All I do know is that this time, I am going to have to watch that  show…….

Beachside flowers Puget Sound July 07

Seriously !  The year is really 1/12th gone already, isn’t it ?  Yikes.

While we continue to scramble to keep things going the right direction, I can still stop and ponder this.  I am thankful for so much, I could complain about our old wiring in our old house, but at least we have a roof over our heads.  I could complain about the difficulties I have been having for the past couple of weeks – since slamming the barn door on my big toe, but at least I have my foot !  Which is a huge thing………and I appreciate it !  So much of the world touched in so many ways with the natural disasters, and we are so lucky to be able to keep going forward. 

I appreciate it.  Thank you to all my friends and family who do hear me bitch and complain, but at the end of the day we are not in such a bad place, are we ?

Have a nice evening all !