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A friend asked for prayer for her daughters friends. The horrible warehouse fire in Oakland. Lots of people missing. Twenty four people have perished at the current count. The building and damage is such that only 20% of the building had been searched so far. The real time grief and panic on the social media platform is staggering. People asking if they have seen/knew if a person attended the concert there. Or were supposed to be there. No word. Phone dead. One fellow in Utah asking for information on his son. The building was 4000 square feet according to one article. A second floor mezzanine accessible by a single file, hand made wooden staircase. OMG. No sprinklers. Two exits downstairs. Not much of a chance for those upstairs.

This shakes me a lot. Having always been the art oriented, off the grid type myself, I can see it would have been a very appealing venue. But it was not zoned or permitted for residential dwelling, but apparently it was used that way. In this day and age, we see a lot of first hand terrifying reports. Wrecks. Vehicles, aircraft. Death. All around. But we plunge on, it won’t happen to us. Until one day it does, be it an accident, or just simply your number is up and you stop breathing.

My husband, when he was in the last few weeks of his life said two things that will never leave me. Both were questions. One was “do people die when they are awake?” and the other was “I think I am dying. Why?” I had to answer truthfully on both counts, yes, death does not care if we are awake or asleep. And, yes, he was dying, after almost two years of procedures and pain, he still had hope but died the next day. I had to tell him his liver had finally given up and he was too sick for a transplant. Please note, if you or a loved one are ever put on a transplant list, if you have the $$ to do so, get evaluated in several transplant areas. If he had been flown to UC Davis from the start, he likely would have received a liver. But he was listed in San Francisco, which encompasses a large area. It makes a difference. I learned this in the last week of his life.

Things change in the blink of an eye. Tell those who matter you care. Keep those you love close. Enjoy each day. Every bit of it

Sending peace and love to all those affected by this terrible fire and loss of life.