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GHO fledgling May 2012

GHO fledgling May 2012

It has been not just a while, but a long time since I blogged. Obviously.

To celebrate my return, a photo first of my favorite owl ever. The youngster I untangled from some wire not long after he fledged from the nest. He followed me around after that incident. I call him the Whistling Owl. He would wait by moms house on the electric pole. When I would leave her house, he would fly down and sit on the corner of the pasture fence. He would hoot, I would whistle. I would walk on, and he would hop/fly to the next post. We would do this all the way home. Then he would sit above me in the tree, outside the back door and we would hoot and whistle and chat for a long time. He would decide when that the visit was over. He would drop out of the tree and fly over my head, circle around and fly off.  Magical. But after a terrible storm with hurricane force winds when the owlets were 6 months old, he disappeared. I was heartbroken, knowing that he likely perished. After many months, he reappeared. He doesn’t stay here, but does visit. He visited here several weeks ago, following me around and I would whistle, he would hoot. Very very cool. Nothing like having a Great Horned Owl as a friend. He lives nearby but no longer in the tree above the farmhouse we live in. It also really made the owls bothered when the dangerous trees were cut last summer. Oh well, it is what it is, and now our house is safe at least, albeit hootless.

Life gets busy. Health issues gets overwhelming. We are brought into the world with lots of love and fanfare, babies seem to generate that 🙂 I have friends who are now grandmothers. Or “glammas” – glamorous grandmas you know. I live vicariously through their photographs of their new tiny family members.  They grow so quickly and suddenly the cute is replaced by scrapes, computers and then parents becoming “not cool to be seen with”  It is life. Enjoy every second.

In the past years, I have made friends through this electronic device, the computer. People we seem to call “Internet friends”, be it through Facebook or Twitter or special interest groups/chats.  I have have had the pleasure of meeting some face to face. Some are far away, and since I seldom leave the high country, we might not meet in person.  But not so much for the distance. One wonderful friend is very sick, her name is Susan – she lives in Illinois.  I met her through Chef Robert Irvine’s twitter writings.  She is a special bright soul. Several of us band together and talk, Susan with her shining hope and faith. Brian, Michelle and Robert with their positivity and faith and hope. The electronic age is wonderful.  It is also one way to bring home the fact that these people are as close as your screen, special to our hearts, and as perfectly transparent as the air we breathe. We didn’t know how to contact each other aside from this box, this electricity driven marvel. Once Susan disappeared from Twitter and we were frantic. Thankfully she got through that health crisis and reappeared. Now we at least have the ability to text.

What got me writing here again, is that Susan is in crisis, today she finds out about some test results.  The results need to be clean, so she can go on the liver transplant waiting list. She is very ill, she is in liver failure and she needs a miracle. She needs clean test results and she needs a liver.

She is ill much like my husband was.  That is really bad. But there is still hope!

I know what liver failure looks like. What it does to a person.  In May it will be 10 years since he passed.  I am asking you all if you would to say a good word for Susan. Pray, chant, send peace and hope.  She is a wonderful woman who has been helping people all her life as a nurse.  She saw her husband pass away early, her soul mate. She is a believer. But as she says, there is so much she still wants to do.

She recently became a first time grandmother 🙂 A grandson. Such joy!!! But it is a double edged thing as well, such heartache to think that our friend might not have as much future as the rest of us hope to.

That is the thing, we never know how long we have. Life is fleeting, and I have seen too much death and dying. I got obsessed, and in caring for others and shutting off myself, I got into a bad place with my health. I was lucky, I got a clue, and am walking and eating right again. It’s not like I was doing things, or not doing things on purpose, it just spiraled and I didn’t see it. If I had turned over one night and realized that was “it” that would have been IT. I hope I  have a lot of time on the horizon for the future. Places to go, people to see. Books to write. Photographs to take.

Cherish every moment people. Remember, your past does not define you. What you choose to do each day you are lucky enough to open your eyes and get out of bed does. Saying you will make changes is good. DOING it is what counts. Just do it. Today is a gift!!

Prayers for Susan today please, she is after all, one of us.