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Well, while I did hear horses this morning – my mom heard then all night again.  Our  neighbor’s son and his brother did round up some of their five horses.  I could hear the screaming horse far off next to their own house after that…..I thought all the horses were penned up.  My horses looked happy too, but the old gelding Thunder yelled a couple of times, I suppose just to check that they weren’t coming back anytime soon.  What I DIDN’T know was that only some of them were penned up.  They once again kept my mom up most of the night. AGHHHHH !!!  I did hear the screamer horse at a quarter to six, then at six fifteen, but it seemed no closer than the field they have used for the goats.  Unfortunately now I know that we had the same situation as the night before.  Ugh. 

Beautiful hanging basket - Bay St. Port Orchard WA 7/07

Beautiful hanging basket - Bay St. Port Orchard WA 7/07

There is such lovely cool air coming in now – but we are supposed to be hot for the next week plus……..oh well.

Find some shade 🙂 and enjoy the day anyway !


We shall change that to…………. I hear horses in my sleep (and mom does too) and if we hear them again, it will be the last time they scream outside my mom’s bedroom window from 2 am till 5 am……….OMG.  I went outside twice, and nothing was wrong.  My horses were asleep.  The neighbors horses were having skirmishes amongst themselves, right up to the fenceline, which is just adjacent to mom’s room………  I yelled. I flapped at them.  I threw what rocks I could.  They would NOT leave.  There are five of them, and they have decided my horses are also their herd.  Too bad for them, my horses don’t care a bit !  From past experience when I have telephoned at night…… the neighbor’s telephone goes straight to answering machine…… that would have done nothing to stop the noise.  I will call them shortly this morning, and hope they can put the horses somewhere else at night.  Aghhhhh.  While that would be MY best option (they have 300 + acres to use, we have just over 7 1/2) I doubt that anything will happen.  I am also not sure they will go away even upon reorganizing my goats and horses.  We shall see.  As it happens, I got the neighbor’s answering machine anyway.  Guess I will just have to see how things are in a few hours. 

Quick trip to town to drop off some important papers at two different agencies.  Just more stuff from the motorized hampster wheel of life.

The Puget Sound shoreline

The Puget Sound shoreline

In cooler times………100 there today ?  Susan posted on her blog that Barkis passed on going for a walk – no wonder why !

Stay cool all !

The early morning sunlight filters through the heat haze lifting from the earth.  The distant hills almost look smoky.  There is that hot look to the trees and the poor bushes that got chainsawed (trimmed) a couple of weeks ago are showing heat stress.  Poor things.   I feel like a kid on a long road trip,  but with a tweak “are we done with summer YET ???  Please ???”  I wish.

Yes, I know we were bitching about the cold……….It seems very long ago.  I apologize for the whining then, and reserve my right to whine now ~

The satellite repair fellow came this morning.  He replaced everything outside he could.  He decided I need a new receiver.  Oh how nice.  There would have been quite  a cost, but he asked them to waive it as this has been a very long standing problem………so I will pay for shipping only.  So, when eating my granola and fat free yogurt (my morning was out of order today) I turned on the dvr receiver.  Since it will be leaving soon, there are a few things I had recorded that I wanted to see.  While viewing something, the program download application showed up.  Huh ?  Then it’s status bar proceeded to move.  Huh ?  Thought it was dead ?  So, I check the program guide, and oh by the way, it is working now !  I still will switch receivers when the new one gets here, as this one obviously is an intermittent problem.  Very odd.  Oh, and I get Animal Planet now, which I have not seen in the daytime for years…………weird.  I just had lunch watching their program Meercat Manor……..which I had never seen until now.  Interesting, but meercats seem to be sort of the same as goats.  In fact I think aside from the fact they live in underground burrows, and goats live above ground, it could be shot using goat herds.  Hmmmm.

Well, back outside to work on things.  Need to be done yesterday, so gotta get to it !

Photo of weather from the past 🙂

Snow in February 2007

Snow in February 2007

Stay cool !

Last storms before summer

Last storms before summer

This heat is cooking my brain and making me more nuts than usual I fear.  I know I will get it all done, just wish this darn heat would give it a REST !!!!!! I am so done with the heat and my animals are too.  Everyone is hanging in there so far.  It is a constant worry.   Today, I went to an important meeting.  Now I have to have a correction made on a official document – and I don’t know if that is something I can manage to wrangle.  Anyone who knows me will knows I will do anything to get it done.  It is however very frustrating.  Also, my truck needs some work, and I can’t get to that until after next weekend.  So fun to be cruising along Riverside Drive and suddenly know the truck has turned itself off.  Power steering is great – until it isn’t working at all……….and for some reason, the surprise of the truck being dead all of a sudden overrules my brain – which should know that if I just slip it into neutral, I can restart it……….but nooooooooooo, I have to fight it to the curb.  Put it in park and restart it.  DUH !  To reward me for my effort, it decided not to restart, at least not for a few minutes.  This has been a wonderful truck, and I will appreciate it forever, as it had it’s chances to do me in – ( like driving it with the repair shop not diagnosing a broken tie rod !  and it didn’t wreck itself or us).  Good truck !  Nothing like a fire engine red Chevy.  Great truck !!!!!

Now if I could only drive it until it is fixed…………sigh

OMG there is such cool air coming in the window now, it about makes me swoon !!!!!  Thank heavens.  Off to bed……will post this in the am.

Now it is morning, and still lovely cool air coming in……..the extremes in temperature here are amazing.  There is perhaps six months of the year that I do not even open a window due to the cold.  Then there is this heat……….oh well.  At least it is not tornados or floods.  I know, each of us deals with different types of weather, and we just, well deal with it.  That does not mean we don’t bitch about it though.

Better get to it, still haven’t taken the time to figure out my mystery photo.  Perhaps later on.

Enjoy your day !

“Just because you CAN do something, does not mean you SHOULD”.

This is a point I would have done well to heed for a very long time.  I am in the process of doing just that – not taking on something else when I have so much on my plate already.

I won’t list what all I AM currently doing, as it would only show how very far from that idea above I was for far too long.  I can however list this stuff…….

I no longer take in baby birds or orphaned  goats.  I did take in 5 kittens this year, but then their mom was found, and that meant I didn’t bottle feed at all this year !

No new horses, with the exception of the miniature horse Napoleon.  He was very ill, along with his barnmate.  The owner’s favorite horse was ill too, and she needed to concentrate on her big horse.  Napoleon came home with me and is slated to be gelded soon.  While darling, he has no registration paperwork any longer, and the last thing people need to do is breed more horses.  There are far too many losing their homes with the economy in the toilet – and they can be found for free almost anywhere.  Give a horse that is homeless a chance instead of breeding more !

I don’t eat anything processed.  NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS !!! (OMG that stuff will kill you eventually, aside from making you obese !!! I know ~ it happened to me !!!!!! )  I have now lost enough weight that I am  guessing I am within 25 pounds of my high school weight.  Whoo hoo !  Once I get back to normal I will be so relieved ! Just as a FYI, I have no idea the number of pounds lost, scales have always been my undoing.  I figure eventually, once I get back to normal, I may weigh myself. I may not.  I truly don’t care.  I can tell you that I no longer rival a VW weight wise………I have gone from likely a size 20 ???  (don’t know for sure, as I only wore stretchy sweat pants then)  to a 12 and will be happy once I get back to normal.  To feel so much better is amazing. 

Which brings up another point.  With the population in America rapidly becoming the most overweight it has ever been in history (remember sideshows at the circus folks ???  You know, the one where the oddities of nature showed themselves ?  The two headed man ?  The fat lady ??????)

I have decided that since it happened to me – getting out of control with my weight – not realizing you are truly as big as you are………….until that moment of realization hits you right between the eyes……..that most of America does not realize the peril it is in.  A word to the wise, the fitter you are, the less fat you carry, the longer you will live !

As for myself, I am so thankful for each day I can get up and see the sunrise. 

A friend sent me this line at the close of his email and I have thought of it several times since I read it, so I will share.

 “Enjoy every breath of today !”

What exactly IS this ?

What exactly IS this ?

My mystery photo……..while sorting through digital files, I found this.  I am still at a loss.  I could say my camera went on a space shuttle mission and they took this out the window, but no………..obviously in winter, but what IS it anyway ?  Maybe when I see it posted it will ring a bell……….

Really, I do, or rather I did.  Our neighbors have a vast farm behind us and it goes up one side of our place to the street.  Yesterday morning, they let their five horses out on that side……….which of course showed that my palomino mare was in season……..chatting up a gelding on the other side of the fence.  Which of course is accompanied by a lot of horsie yelling and squealing.  So, the neighbors came and took the offending gelding away.  So, at five thirty am, once again I hear the resounding tones of squealing horsies.  I get up, and see yes, the horses are back.  Oh great.  I get dressed, no more squeals.  I lie back down, fall asleep.  Six am more noise.  At this point, I give up, go outside, go to the hay barn, load the cart with my horses breakfast.  Trudge over, feed my Thoroughbreds and retired QH.  They are all calm.  My palomino mare is cruising the fence, and I can now see that there are only four horses.  The gelding is still penned up apparently.  I knew the neighbors have six horses, and in between yelling at my mare last night, the gelding was running the length of our place, behind our place as well, calling.  I knew he was looking for his friend.  When the neighbors came to shoo him home, they said the other horse is at the vets due to a cut up foot.  I knew it !  Horses are so very expressive, and it isn’t all that difficult to figure out what is going on if you pay attention.  I like that about goats too.  If there is anything within eyesight that would be deemed unusual , every goat will position it’s body and look that direction.  When I go outside and see them looking, I know to look too. Things I would not have picked up on  they tell me.  Loose dog ?  Loose horse ?  Coyote ?  SNOW GEESE ?  They tell it all to me.

Missing those clouds about now - nice rainbow though....

Missing those clouds about now - nice rainbow though....

Actually if you look hard to the left on that photo above, it is a double rainbow…..It seems like just yesterday we were complaining that it was raining or cloudy.  What were we THINKING ?  Oh how nice that would be about now. This photo was from the cell phone – and while they are not as crisp as my digital camera, they are not bad at all !  I have to download a few new ones from the camera.  I am still dumb about the fact that I am carrying a camera at all times.  My son was standing watching one of the old dairy goat girls drinking from a hose and commented to me ” Mom, you should take a picture of that”.  Duh.  So, I did.  Now if only I were as good at transferring photos from the camera to the card to the computer………will go do that now.

Here, it worked pretty well………..this is Sardi drinking from the hose.Sardi and the water

She is a LaMancha dairy goat.  Before anyone asks this (again), they are born with ears like this.  I do not cut them off !!! I have only had two people come here that actually knew the goats were born like that.  The rest asked that same thing.  I have friends who show these.  Her husband keeps a jar of dried pig ears by the pens, so when people ask “what did you do with their ears?” He pulls out the jar and says he makes THESE with them………eeeeeeeeeee. Then he does tell them the truth, that they are born that way.   

 Of course it was beautiful outside early, and there are these odd yellow flowers which only bloom during the day, they are just beginning to appear this season now.  This one was waiting for me on the way home.  I know I didn’t see it when I went over to the horses to feed……..

Morning flower

Morning flower

Better get to the rest of chores, have a great day everyone !

I like the way things fit together.  Sometimes they are fun, or funny.  Not like “oh, that cloud looks like a fox smoking a pipe” type of humor, but one day it might be how things work out or look when finished.  Intended or not.  Sometimes it is simple things.  Like, being gifted an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Susan Wigg’s new book Lakeshore Christmas.  I have been a bit busy of late, and I have been working on this book since I got it.  It is the ONLY book I have found time to read in any form in months.  I love it.  Susan – it is wonderful!  Did I say I love this book ?  While it could  stand alone,  it is part of her Lakeshore Chronicles series.  When it comes out in the stores, run and buy it, and enjoy a great read !!!!!!!!  Back to being amused.  In the midst of all the paint scraping, fixing, melting in 100 + degrees, at the end of a very long day, I finally got inside to shower and fix/eat dinner.  I have a lovely old sleeping garment.  I think I bought it when I was pregnant with my son in 1990.  Some would call it a tie dyed tank top.  Some would not call it anything and throw it out (and that was when it was new !) I love it.  It is very long, it is very soft, and I love the colors.   Well, I had it on the bed, and had laid my book “Lakeshore Christmas” on it.  Here is a photo. 

Such colors !

Such colors !

I love these colors, and I laughed when I saw how very similar the color of the book and the color of the garment are……..comfort for the mind and the body as well 🙂

Yesterday, I brought some old watermelon that missed getting eaten at mom’s house.  I gave it to my chickens.  What a party they had ! A big chicken party ! Should have grabbed the camera – darn ! The smallest chicken ate the most melon I think – the Brownest Chicken in the World of course.   Such fun !

Hot again, looking forward to fall already.

Evening sky July 09

Evening sky July 09

It never will stop when we need to get off and catch our breath.  Or regroup.  Or just plain take a break………it is always changing, and we never know how it will change, or if we will like what it changes to.  **Sigh**

We work so hard to get ahead of the game.  Bills.  Obligations. Family.  Goals. Hopes and dreams.   A fellow I know of is pursuing his chance in the limelight.  He had his 15 minutes of fame, and is apparently on the road for more.  I wish him well – I do wonder if he is cut out for Hollywood – it is a dark difficult and often vicious arena.   For a person who is faithful and apparently fairly optimistic, I don’t quite see a good fit.  However, we have to follow what we see, and if it can be balanced with what we are comfortable with,  it may work well for him.  I hope he comes home without too many more emotional holes.

Forgot to shut the coop door last night.  Woke up just before six, went in the kitchen in time to see the Brownest Chicken puttering around outside.  They must have thought I lost my mind.  Thankfully no skunks or raccoons visited. 

The photo above is of the evening sky not long ago.  What caught my attention is the odd trail of clouds in the middle.  Pretty though.

Better get crackin’ we have another trip to town, then hopefully we can stay home until my appointment Monday !

Enjoy your day !

Yesterday was a day of many different types of news.  Some amazing, some well timed and one that was a shock.  My miniature horse Mae died suddenly.  She didn’t want to eat that morning, but was drinking.  She was her usual perky self.  I went to town and six hours later she was dead.  No sign of distress, just laid down and died.  She was a darling mini, mistreated by a previous owner it had taken years for her to believe she was safe and I was never going to raise a hand to her.  She had a clouded eye, some vision, but the orb was white with scarring.  I know some “person” not worth the skin they are housed in hit her in the face and hurt her badly.  That she ever got around to trusting me was a major coup.  Now my cute sweet mare is gone – preceeded in death by her young son who was born as a dwarf…….he was thrown into the deal when I got her.  Dwarfism is common in miniatures, and instead of helping him be comfortable, he was left in a pasture to fend for himself.  Very sad.  His legs were badly twisted, his feet had never been trimmed.  He was almost a year old when he came, and he was just not destined to live long.  I had to euthanize him almost two years ago, he was hurting all the time due to various problems.  Such a strong spirit he had, he came named Tibby, but I called him Mr.Tibbelwitz.  It fit him.  There  is always a piece of my heart that goes with them when they die.  Having the strength to do the right thing by the animal is what makes us human I believe.  I have taken in horses who were past that point, that needed to be euthanized and given an end to their pain – the owners say they “can’t stand to do that TO them”  Ha, those kind of  people are cowards and if they truly cared for their animals well being they would open their eyes and see the meaning of compassion vs suffering.  I was so sad to find Mae dead – and thankfully now our wonderful neighbors are bringing a backhoe to bury her.

Now it is after the burial – here is a photo of the backhoe.  It had just gone to the barn paddock to pick up Mae.  What a huge thing it is !  When digging with it’s bucket, it literally kneels in the dirt, it has stabilizers which spread out and it hunkers down.  I am always appreciative of these huge machines at work.  Especially since the hole they dug was big enough for two grand pianos standing on end.

The backhoe at work

The backhoe at work

Even more appreciative of the fact they came so quickly, as it has been hovering near 100 degrees the past days.  So, now it is done, the horses are looking at me with that knowing look.  The herd knows that one is gone.  The mares came and looked Mae over yesterday before I moved them to the next pen, sniffing and snuffling.  The little horse that lived with her called for her several times in the night then was quiet.  In the past, I have taken in very ill or damaged animals – this little mare was special to me.  Only a few days ago, I had told her that aside from my Thoroughbreds, I would keep her until her time was gone.  Little did I know it would be so soon.

Have to go get my truck from the repair shop, will get it fixed when I have a few dollars to put together.  Mom went solo to town today, a medical test was done and she is 100 % fine !!!!!!!  I was not worried, and I don’t think she was either.  We have wayyyyy too much going on to have yet one more thing pop up right now.  Still I am relieved, and grateful for the positive outcome.

Hope you are staying comfortable in your corner of the world – love that ice water !

I apologize for the gap in blogs.  When I wasn’t scraping paint, catching up with chores or sleeping…….no time !  But great news, the house is DONE being painted !  Only a small bit of touch up will be needed.  I even got my back door painted gray.  Whoo hoo !  It is funny how seemingly little things will be bothersome to a person and unnoticed by another.  Like the back door.  It looks like it had been thrown under a bus.  We replaced the window when we got here 7 years ago.  The caulking had since come loose, and there was a crack in it.  Lots of dings and dents.  Of course the door gets horrifically dirty, white does that.  So, my big thrill (aside of course from the fact the house looks fabulous !) is that the door is GRAY now !  To be rid of the horrible green paint, and detail the house  differently, is a blessing.  To look out my window to the lilac trees and not be seeing the GREEN  windowframe now………..bliss I tell you !  Aaaahhhhhh.  Now once my body gets over  the abuse I inflicted on it  the last three days, I will be good for the next project.  I went through three pairs of cotton gardening gloves and the skin is worn off my fingers in places anyways……..Today is off to town, have several things to get done and pick up.

Complete ! Now for landscaping !

Complete ! Now for landscaping !

Our little house finally looks like I wanted it to back when we moved in 7 years ago !  Now to finish the inside, and I will be soooooo happy ! I will get a better photo of the color of the trim later on.  This was all I could manage last night !

What a couple of weeks we have had.  I am ready for a good day resting and shopping for essentials then get to the rest of it.

Still horribly hot, will be for the next week or so.  We are doing very well with the box fans though – suck in all the cold air in the am, then shut the house up until the heat dims around dinner time…….even if dinner time is set back to 8 pm.

Enjoy your day, and stay cool !