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Lilacs May 2011

I have an ongoing battle with Facebook.  It is funny in kind of an irritating way.  I decided to go with initials and my last name.  Not rocket science.  My middle name is Lynne.  Today I just discovered its meaning is Celtic in origin and means  pool below a waterfall.  Now I like it much better.  Which makes Facebook even more irritating.  I put in my first initial, then “L” for Lynne.  Ok, fine.  I originally signed up this way, and since then, I am now my first initial, then the letter “I”.  Not “L” but “I”.  I have gone to the account section a number of times, changed it, put in “L” and it informs me that is already my name and proceeds to put first initial then “I” again. Tried without the periods after the initials. Nope. Idiots.  I have emailed them, and what does it REALLY matter.  The whole point of this is to get my name out there.  But what name do I really have going out there?  first initial then I.  DUH.  I know that using lilacacres  instead of my name bugs a fellow I know on that same tangent.  Oh well, better pick a name and use it.

The BLM is after my mustang mare’s family this summer.  She was captured in WY.   The BLM is taking comments on the proposed roundups, which will effectively decimate what remains of Wyoming’s wild ones.  If you can please go to the link, read their proposal and comment by email by June 20th.  Each comment helps! I wrote and said simply, please have an independent organization evaluate what that untested birth control implant does, and  count the horses for a true number.   I am not saying leave them all there, I am saying manage them RESPONSIBLY.  Thank you, my mare Charm thanks you.  Copy and paste this into your address bar, it should get you there, then to a link in the “contact” area is highlighted for email.

It is June 2.  It once again has snowed, this time sticking just above our elevation, across the dry lake (which has water in it right now).  Wild and weird.

Enjoy your day all!


Lilacs 2011

The dime sized hail and the very hard rain couldn’t stop the bloom this year!

Ahhhhhhh 🙂

Lilacs in 2009 just before they bloomed

Three years ago on this same date, this is where the lilacs were.  Today, they are a little more advanced.  Some lilacs in town are beginning to bloom, which is lovely.  Fittingly, the forecast is for rain and some snow. Of course.  They were blooming as we moved into our place in 2002.  I was remiss, I did not take any photographs of them, but have wonderful recollections of going to sleep breathing in the scent.  A new and wonderful experience, I had never seen a lilac tree in person before, much less experienced the fragrance.

Lilacs in 2005

Lilacs at night in 2006

This is how the lilacs were in 2009


They have bloomed thus far 4 of the 8 seasons, we shall see how this year will count.  I went outside a few evenings ago, after the sun had set.  I was greeted with what could only really be regarded as an exhalation of lilac scent.  None were blooming yet, but there was more than a hint of fragrance in the air.

Lovely things they are, I will keep hoping for a good bloom.  Enjoy your day all!

Affirmed, the most recent Triple Crown Winner in 1978

There is my boy, winning the Santa Anita Derby.  He only did what was necessary to win.  That was a great day.  He would sleep the morning of a race.  Boy he was crabby when we woke him up to go get ready!!! Days so very long ago, when I was so very young 🙂

May everyone racing today be safe.

Now we have the blue sky....but not the snow.....YAY!!!

This morning, before the sun was up, before the sky was colored with any color at all, I thought about going out with my camera.  It is mornings like this that the sky can become spectacular within a minute, then change back  into “just clouds” the next.  Gotta be ready, and be out there to shoot.  I however am spent, and the day is just beginning.  I hate to admit it, but I went and crawled back into bed and warmed up instead.  Yesterday I helped my friend string the hotwire on the side of her property, so her horse can graze down the grass before it gets out of control.  This involved twisting many many plastic things, open, close, adjust.  I am beyond a novice at this whole thing, so there was a lot of adjusting to be done.  I have rheumatoid arthritis, and am in a bit of a flare up.  So, my hands think I am a very bad person today.  Today we get to stay home and while I should rest, I have been gone so much these past few weeks there is much to be done here.  We shall see.

Yesterday began the wonderful Brenda Novak fundraising auction for Diabetes Research.  Go to and click on “auction”.  There is a wide variety of items offered once again this year.  Want a quilt sewn by Marie Bostwick?  How about a stay in Susan Wiggs guesthouse on Bainbridge Island? Bid on the opportunity for a read from an agent, a publisher, there are just so many things to choose from.   Just take a look and maybe take a chance on one of (or all of) the 4 opportunity drawings!!  I did just that once and I won!

Better head outside and check the chicky ladies and see to whatever needs seen to before I start in on the house.

Enjoy the day all!