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That photo above is priceless.  It is part of a National Geographic contest, and the blog I saw it on did not have a photo credit sadly.  But it was too good not to share.  Talk about a bird’s eye view !

I am happy, writing merrily away here in the land of the desert coldness.  Gee it was about 20 degrees F when I finally crawled out of bed at 6:30 or so…..and the wild cat Kona was waiting for her breakfast.  Gave me “the look” when she saw I was giving her the normal canned food instead of warmed prime rib scraps….oh well.

It has finally gotten up to 60 degrees in the living room, but is still considerably colder here in the dining room.  This week I will see about getting another cord of wood.  I have a new place for it, right outside the back door.  Will make that very nice.   Of course, it would be even nicer if I could put it near the FRONT door, instead of tracking it through the house, but I don’t know about that.  Have to think on that.

Off to make decaf and get the critters outside fed.

Enjoy your day and stay WARM !  I am trying !


I am baking pies this morning.  Pumpkin, because that is what I like, mom likes and brownies for my son…….I will make dinner and we will have Thanksgiving with mom at her house.  It will be very nice. 

Yesterday my son and I put together the new chair for me.  Makes typing a TON easier I can tell you !  I better get to it, have lots to do, everyone enjoy the day, the food, the family or friends.

Passed overhead at 6:22 pm pst.  Atlantis had just undocked from the international space station.  Thanks to a heads up from the local news, we got to see it !  Very exciting 🙂

A restful retreat - loved the shadows on the wall.....

There are so many things that happened this year.  Some amazingly wonderful, some very tragic.  The way we are all intertwined is part of the human condition.  We live, we love, we help or turn away.  Some run in when others are running away for their lives.  We embrace life, we encourage others to participate in the joy of being alive.  Sometimes it helps.  Sometimes not.  Each one of us determines the path we follow.  Outside influences can make or break some folks.  Some bend to others demands.  Others stay the course, ignore the naysayers. Stubborn.  I am stubborn.  For the first time in my life, I am doing something that others like.  Writing.  In that, I find my self in an extremely strange position.  I have worked at a number of different jobs.  I once took a test to determine what job I was most qualified for.  This was part of a “retraining” program after one job ended.  I took the test along with a room full of other folks.  The instructor passed back the tests and she asked me to stay and talk to her afterwards.  My test didn’t indicate any one or two different jobs.  I stayed, and once the others filed out of the room, she turned to me and exclaimed that she had been doing this for 14 years, and I was the only person she ever tested that literally was qualified for any job! Hmmm, well ok then ! In some ways this has helped, well I suppose in a lot of ways it helps.  I am full of useless information.  Useless unless someone needs to know something I have stuffed in my brain…….or now I can put some of it to use in my books !

Life is so short, people come and go.  Hang onto those you love and enjoy this time we have.  Be thankful, be grateful. Just enjoy.

Tonight, once it warms up in here a bit, I have a new office chair to put together.  Our house is a bit mixed up – I have my computer on the dining room table.  I sit on a regular dining chair to type, blog write.  I sit on two pillows.  However, since I have been writing more than I had been, I realize that my typing position is not good.  My arms are bitching at me, and I don’t blame them.  I went to town and brought home an economy steno chair.  Black.  Need to assemble asap.

Shopping for thanksgiving tomorrow, taking mom to lunch (or she is taking me) to the tearoom in town.  They are reopening (yeah !) and this is to “test” the new menu.  As long as they have their tomato bisque soup, I will be happy !  Then to pick up bundles of outdated newspapers from the paper office…….and some other stuff which means nothing to anyone else – so I need to quit rambling and get dinner done, so I can put my chair together !

It is cold, and we have plenty of wood inside for the stove 🙂  Always a good feeling.  Now to get the stove going enough to warm this house up !

Stay warm all !

From March of 2007

The view out my window this morning is white…….whiteness from snow that came with a bang yesterday.  There was perhaps only four inches, and it rained later, so it is all rather moonscape like………whatever.  This means there is enough of the white stuff to use my sled to take hay out to the horses, which I highly appreciate.  We bought this sled at Big5 perhaps 6, maybe 7 years ago.  Best thing we have bought for outdoor use.  I have moved about everything you can imagine on this sled.  In fact, now that I think about it, there is a hole in it that I have worn in the bottom that I have to patch.  Onto the to do list it goes ! Writing going well, happily I am making good progress.  Sending first three chapters out to agents/publishers as requested next week ! 

Enjoy your day and stay warm !


For the Mountain Lifeflight crew – our local medical transport helicopter.  The craft lost power just after 2 am early Saturday morning and crashed.  Three men were killed, they had just left a patient at one of the big city hospitals and were returning to base.   There were more people at the helipad at the hospital than I had ever seen in one place in town.  We have a small town, and the outpouring of support is truly amazing.  Mom and I counted up a long list of people who had been saved by the helicopter transport crew.  Very sad, but such strength in the people.  Of course all the police, fire and ambulance crews were there.  Afterwards, I lost it when I noticed that the hospital’s flags were at half staff.  Wahhhhh !!!!!!  OMG to lose fellow first responders is just tragic.  I am an EMT you see, not currently certified, but I could revive you, package you up and get you transported safely and efficiently still 🙂  It’s funny, I am really adamant about not liking people, but the thing I have done most in my life  is help people.  Go figure.

It’s not too cold, but there is a storm moving in.  Of course there is.  Before we left for the memorial, I unloaded about two-thirds of my wood cart.  Now it is in front of the front door………and there is something like a 90% chance of rain.  Of course.  It will just have to wait there and pretend it doesn’t rain.  Because I am too tired to deal with it now.

Goodnight !

Loving the skies

I do love to fly.  That is a big part of the attention I give to the sky when I am outside.  If I hear a plane, or the medical lifeflight helicopter, I stop what I am doing and watch them go by.  Usually low flying, we are only about 6 miles from the airport.  Since the tragic loss of our helicopter in the early hours Saturday – the sky is much less interesting for me.  It is so quiet. It is too quiet.  I suspected that the air ambulance company only had one bird and I suppose I am correct – or the other one would have made an appearance by now.  I do see the fixed wing plane they operate go in the direction of the big city……but it is not nearly as quick as the helicopter that was lost.  The company is privately owned, and I can only hope that they can replace that chopper.  Since they are the only game in town if you have to fly somewhere for a quick brain surgery or lifesaving operation of some sort….well, you get the picture.  We need that bird back in service.  

On an air ambulance website that is putting together a condolence book, there was a lovely quote.  Here it is.

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always want to be.
                   Leonardo DaVinci

Totally me.  He knew what he was speaking of.  One of the very best days of my life was flying in a Stearman Biplane at our airshow.  Mom gifted me and my son with a ride.  We flew all over, and it was beyond amazing.  I kept yelling to my son, who I found out after we got back on the ground, that he thought I was mad at him “because I kept yelling AT him”………duh, I was just trying to make him HEAR me 🙂  Oh it was glorious.

The lure of the skies – the heros that we lost that day……….husbands, fathers, brothers, friends, family.  Each one made such a difference in someone’s life.  The lives they saved.  So many.  I understand how they can do what they did – helping people, loving flight.  There is a candlelight service tomorrow night, and we will go.  A memorial on Friday. 

I suppose that my love of the sky is what compels me to take photos of the sunsets and sunrises.  To fly at dawn is breathtaking.  To fly any time actually.

One of the first trainers who hired me at the racetrack passed away this morning.  He was a great trainer………a difficult man to know.  But he loved his horses, and his dogs – and he did right by both of them.  Rest in peace Robert Frankel, thoroughbred racing is better because of you.

lots and lots of leaves.  Which is fine, but I have this thing about picking them ALL up.  That way it looks neat when I look out the kitchen window, you know ?  I would show you some photos, but WordPress still is being crabby.  The other real reason I rake them all up is that if I leave them on the ground, and it snows, then it melts, then it freezes……one is left with ice on top of slush.  And guess what ? It is dangerously slippery if one happens to walk that way… I prevent the whole mess by the raking ritual.  Falling is not an option, under any circumstance.

Today, I would write, get stiff in the chair, go outside and rake leaves.  Pick up the leaf piles before the chicky ladies would come and deconstruct the piles.  (No respectable chicken EVER would leave a leaf pile alone !)  They spread all the raked leaves out very neatly.  Which once again is fine, but I already had it like that.  Maybe it is their way to let me know what is the proper way to decorate under the lilac trees……..

Cold, woodstove going, way way behind on emails.  Sorry all, in a dead run to get this stuff written so I can get it submitted !

Reposting from the gratitude project site – instead of rewriting this,  I will just post what I did there with some additions. 

I am grateful for life.  For first responders.  For all the people I have met and known in our medical community in our small town.  My heart is broken.  Early today, in the darkness of the early morning, our small town’s medical lifeflight helicopter crashed on the way back to base.  Three crew perished.  I am grateful for the blue skies today, but even in the brightness it is dimmer than before.  This helicopter flew over our ranch numerous times a day on the way to the big city hospital, transporting patients in crisis.  Back when my husband was so ill, he had to be flown to out of the area hospitals on a number of occasions.  The flight crew became extended family as did everyone who took part in caring for my husband.  Once he had passed, the crew would swoop over our ranch, tip the helicopter and wave wildly at me when I was outside.  They usually flew so low that I could see who was the flight paramedic in the back seat. A few still waved, and it has been 5 years. 

It is so very quiet outside now.  Too quiet.  Bless their souls, and thanks to them for all the lives they saved.  I didn’t realize until now how very present that helicopter was in my everyday life – of sounds, of sights – I am always outside, and I was always hearing it or seeing it coming or going.


Tonight, as the news replays the tragedy, shows the wreckage strewn over a wide area, there is still the surreal feeling that we have after sudden tragedy.  Expecting the phone to ring with that person on the other end of it.  Waiting for the door to open and them to step inside, that it was all a bad dream.  In speaking to several who were close to those lost today, that came up twice.  Surreal.  A dream.  A nightmare.   Just a very sad day.  I found myself outside, raking like my life depended on it.  Seven big cart loads of dirt, rocks, leaves, moved from the dooryard to the creekbed area, hopefully to stop some erosion issues.  My neck thinks I have lost my mind, and I guess I did for a while.  My warm bed beckons, and tomorrow is another day – a better day, because we are due one.