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My friend's dog Max 🙂

Time.  Distance.  Life.

Many years ago, I drove a 1961 VW bus.  It had a 10 gallon gas tank.  It did not have a gas gauge.  It did not have an odometer.  I wrote down where I had gone and guessed….for years I did this.  It cost so little to go 300 miles.  Today I filled my truck and it cost just over $88.00 and we will go about 300 miles.  OMG.

Something I say is that the only thing constant about life is change.  We are young, we age.  We all die.  I love the line “enjoy life, not one of us gets out alive!”.  As some would question, I am truly a romantic at heart.  Hidden, but it is there.  Some questions:  Do I believe in love at first sight?  Of course.  Is it possible to have a long distance relationship that works?  Who knows, I really haven’t tried.  Ha, that was random 🙂

Tomorrow, a planned power outage from 9 to 1 pm.  Goodie.  We went to town today.  Maybe we have to go tomorrow as well.  I have some papers to drop off at an office, and some to pick up at another place.

Today, a friend  has a book released.  Not just any book.  She told us about sending in the manuscript sometime over a year and a half ago.  Not a book on contract.  One from her heart.  Her working title was “The Last Carpool”.  It has been published and if you look for Susan Wiggs, the book is “The Goodbye Quilt”.  I am so happy for you Susan, I know this meant a lot to you 🙂  I looked for it in town today.  It was not in the usual places, and I should have preordered it.  I know.  Sorry… I have to find it somewhere.  Susan is also running a GREAT contest in conjunction with the release.  Go to and click on contest.  If you enter, you could win a $500 travel voucher, as she says, for planes, trains or automobile.  I am going to enter as soon as I FIND THE BOOK!!!  Check out Susan’s website, read her books, enter her contest and enjoy!  I keep trying to remember not to call it the Last Carpool still 🙂

The darling dog above belongs to a friend in far away Washington state.  He is the cutest thing, and such a nice dog.  A real Daddy’s boy he is.  Yay Max!

I better go find dinner and give it up for now.  Night all!


Ok, it isn't a robin, he is a Barbados sheep named Pumpkin

Just saw the first Robin of the year here.  Finally.  Of course we have had sightings of birds at odd times so far.  During our faux spring in Jan/Feb, I saw a number of killdeer, the shorebirds.  They hang out here in the REAL spring and nest in depressions in the ground.  A couple of sticks and twigs and they lay their eggs.  If I happen to walk in the direction of a nest, the female flies away, dragging a wing up and down, trying to lure the “predator”, ie ME away from her nest 🙂  Shrill calls, interesting birds.  Makes me miss the ocean/sound/shore even more.

Ha, wrote that earlier, finally got motivated and out to do some storm cleanup.  Yay, that is now out of the way.  Have a nice evening all!

It is still a rainbow, even if it has been stepped on, right?

It had been a very long time since I felt this poorly.  It made the weekend pass in a blur.  I took care of the stock, and felt horrible.  I stayed in bed all weekend except for chores.  I didn’t miss a thing.   If I did, I don’t know about it, so don’t bother to tell me 🙂

When I wasn’t sleeping, I was thinking.  At first, not about much at all.  Then getting the view of the big picture clearly again.  Yay!  When we first moved here, we had a plan.  To live in a beautiful area.  To enjoy life and go forward happily.  Then, a terrible thing happened.  My husband was using a common wood preservative.  Termin8.  Full of warnings, actually the entire bottle is printed with dire warnings.  Copper napthanate.   It is what gives the blue color to a lot of old farm buildings.  It keeps the wood from deteriorating.  It kills our liver.  Transferred into our bodies via the skin..Sadly, he used it in all the wrong ways, in an enclosed space, from a spray bottle, without a mask, shorts and flip flops. OMG.  What should have killed him from the beginning stretched out to nearly two years of illness, pain and resulted in me saying that I slept with my eyes open that whole time.  We could go from all is quiet to horrific pain to traveling to the ER in the middle of the night in 30 seconds flat.  Not fun.  I still shudder when I think about that time. Ugh.

Owl at night - follow the roofline to the right, it is on the branch!

So, you see, life changed.  Completely.  Now I am focused on a different direction, a different path per se.  It took me a long time to get on the road to recovery, on the road to the future.  Life is far too short.  Roadblocks be darned, we are moving in the right direction now and woe be to the fool who gets in the way now!

Weirdness in life, weirdness in clouds, it all fits!

Today it is snowing again.  Weird puffs of fat sticky flakes lining the fenceposts, the garage and the lilac trees.  The trees had begun to leaf out, just starting fat buds of leaves……we shall see how this turns out.

I have changed clothing 5 times today.  No, I do not own a “snow suit” obviously.  While I was looking through photos for the blog, I found some I have been looking for – YAY!  Stay dry and warm all, enjoy what is left of the day!

The back pasture

Yesterday I got up to find yet another covering of snow.  Not much, just a couple of inches.  By afternoon it had melted away.  I took the photo above  when I went out back to feed.  The weather here is always unpredictable.  If you don’t like it, wait 15 minutes and it will be different.

There have been days that I have worked outside most of the morning, clear blue skies.  Maybe 45 degrees.  By afternoon, it is socked in, windy, snowing hard.  Then of course are the times I go to town, which is something like 13 miles from here.  Nice at home, snowing in town.  Drive home, snowing until about a half mile from here, then sunny.  Just plain weird.

My cold/sinus thing has really kicked me and I am beat.  Heading out to make sure everything is where it should be for the night.

Missed the “Supermoon” the other night, but a couple of friends took good photos.  Who saw it? Was it very cool ?  Just curious 🙂  Night all !

Dreaming of lilacs blooming...........

I sincerely hope they do bloom.  The weather here has been just bonkers.  The six weeks of faux spring we had in Jan/Feb was longer than any real spring we have had while we have lived here.  Usually it is winter, two weeks of nice spring, then summer until a bit of fall, then winter again.  Not much variance there.

I have had a cold/sinus thing going and I am really ready to be feeling better.  I am usually very resistant to these types of things, and interestingly enough, it got me when we have been going to the doctor for wellness checkups and a course of antibiotics for me for a sadly abscessed tooth.  Ick.  Likely TMI for you all (too much information!!!) sorry!

Well, enjoy your springtime weather.  Here is hoping that your weather is better than ours.  We woke to yet more new snow, but it did melt off for the most part during the day.

Sunset reflection on the Chevy's windows

I love this shot.

When I began the blog, I decided to use the WordPress theme called Poole.  I have begun to get bugged when I would look at the blog, mostly because it was blue on the sides.  So, today I finally got the Tarski theme loaded.  My friends Carol and Susan use it, and I had been admiring it for years…….so, here it is 🙂

Long day, enjoy your evening all!

Rain today.

Another nice sky photo.  The skies here are like no other I have had the chance to photograph.  Limitless.  Ever changing.  Lots of weird cloud formations.  Sunrises that are brilliant.  Sunsets that make you drop what you are doing and just watch it change.

Enjoy the day all!

A cake.


What do you need to bake a cake?  Let’s go down the list.  Dry ingredients.  Eggs.  Yogurt.  Chocolate chips.

Oh.  A pan.

Double oh….the counter.  The oven.  Oh, the HOUSE!

The neighborhood store.  What do you do when it is ALL gone?

The reality that so many are facing is staggering.  When it comes down to it, all we really need are the basics.  After the first report that my son caught after I had gone to bed, he woke me with the statement “in a few minutes, nothing will ever be the same for that part of the world”.  He is of course right.  I stayed up, watching live as it was happening video from a helicopter.  It has since been shown in pieces, and none of them have had the audio going.  The fellow, who I am thinking was a traffic reporter, was so upset that the audio just about rivaled the audio of the reporter watching the Hindenburg go down in flames.   It was the worst thing I have seen, that is since the second aircraft impacted the Twin Towers on 9/11, which I saw live as well.  So many disasters in the past years.

My attitude about life since caring for my dad and husband until they passed away is to enjoy each day.  I was ill from Aspartame toxicity for years, it almost killed me.  I have a partially fused broken neck.  I am lucky to say the least.  I get up each day knowing that.  But the images from Japan are not only haunting, it is the worst thing I have ever seen.  I have a friend from high school, she and her family live in Tokyo.  Thankfully they are safe, she posted an update on Facebook.  Good.

Now, since our flue fire scare, I had a glimpse of what life would have been like if you lose your home.  These people in Japan have lost so much more than that.  What got me this am, two reports – one a 60 year old man saved 9 miles out to sea.  Clinging to the ROOF of his HOUSE.   The other a woman who drove quickly to the small town where her elderly parents live.  Knowing they were too frail to walk away, she got there just as the water did, in time to see them swept to their deaths.  The water kept her in their home, and almost drowned her as well.

The scope for them is unfathomable.  I am staying away from television and only looking at the print reports online occasionally.  But it is enough.  It is too much.

May God help those left behind, those who have lost it all and are waiting to be rescued, or waiting for a bit of food and fresh water.  It is just beginning.

Looking at Haiti, New Zealand, now Japan.  OMG.  That about sums it up.

I enjoy what I have daily.  Today I was thanking the heavens that I could make coffee on my stove, being so happy I have my home, my computer, my family. My nutty kitten.  We just never know what is coming down the pike, sometimes literally.





Today began as a very nice day.  Yesterday it was 61degrees F.  The morning went on and there were black clouds coming down over the mountains.  Then it began to rain, and rained for what seemed like hours.  Lots of water on the ground!  Wind and now it is just weird.

The shot above I cropped oddly I see.  There was a rainbow as close to being on the ground as it could be.  A bit strange, but pretty anyway.

Stay warm and enjoy your evening!



End of the year lilac leaves 2010

Someone once said that it isn’t as difficult when poor people get rich (lottery, windfall, whatever) it is when those who have always had what they needed lose what they always counted on.  I totally get that.  The past few years have been some of the most difficult for me.  I know it began with the care-taking of an ailing father and then ailing husband – both who passed away after extended illnesses (that is a whole OTHER blog).  Then I was ill from Aspartame toxicity and am continuing to recover.  Then mom and her health issues….  Jobs are scarce here, and it’s not like a person can start a job then tell THEM when you can work – around doctor appts, emergencies, etc.   It is a stark truth, and it is difficult to handle.  I do know that we are so very VERY lucky.  We still have a roof over our heads.  I know of many families who have lost their homes, given up their pets, their belongings sold to pay for a motel room for all.  We had a pipe break this week and our wonderful neighbor came over and capped that un-needed pipe and now we again have house water.  There is a long list of things that need attention, or replacement.  I shop by knowing exactly how much the small bar sized fridge will hold.  My “refreezerator” is dead, and that is just how it is.  There are so many things.  I long for the old days…as in being able to shop without counting how much I am spending and having to decide if I can buy shampoo or toilet paper that trip.  At least once in a while would be great.  I know so many who are living as we are, and it is very scary.  When the recession began, I heard an analyst say that most of America is only two paychecks from living on the streets.  Ack!  This morning, while watching our local gasoline climb dramatically, there was another report.  Some places are charging $4.99 a gallon for gas!  That was in Washington DC and somewhere in Northern California.  A friend in Los Angeles just posted that gas is now $ 4.00 a gallon. OMG….giving my Chevy truck the hairy eyeball look now…..I always owned one VW, where is one NOW???

On the up side of things, my mom is regaining the ability to see – thanks to the cataract removal and corrective lenses.  Her world is expanding at a whirlwind rate and I am thrilled for her.  That is what we have been working towards these past years.  Independence once again.  Surgical structural repairs (back, shoulder, eyes) and she will be able to do as she pleases without having a driver 🙂

I laugh at that phrase “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”.  It is true, but what other option do we have?  It is warm this morning, I hope that we don’t have too much more snow and ice.  My knee is healing and I am thankful for that.

Slumping snow the other day on mom’s van and her garage 🙂

In the midst of all of this, caring for the family, the place, I come to realize that I am needing attention as well.   I am told it is “caregivers syndrome” as in the ability to care for others while putting yourself last.  Me!  That’s me!  So, since I am fairly broken down already, I am bit by bit going to be attended to.  Eyes in April.  That is a start.

Everyone stay safe and look to what you do have and be happy.  It is never as bad as we think it is.  Really, as long as we have a new day to enjoy, as long as we are “on this side of the dirt”, that is all that really matters.  Remember to tell those who matter you love them !  Enjoy the day !