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Lilacs in eclipse light.

Lilacs in eclipse light.

This photo I took during the eclipse last year.  It was quite interesting.  Like I didn’t know that our shadows would waver and multiply.  Like this.  It is difficult to see, but there is perhaps a half inch around the outside of each shadow that was lighter. Odd.

double shadowOr this (my hands were still, not waving around.  Most odd.  I had never heard reference of shadows being weird during an eclipse.  The shadows were all  WILD!

eclipse hands

Or this, it was the lighting that I found absolutely fascinating. It was dimmer and the birds were still.  I took a photo of the dad Great Horned Owl and he was anxious (well for an owl)  I had to go get mom outside to see.  It was very very strange.

eclipse lightThis is the same kind of butterfly that I have as my Facebook profile photograph right now.  It is brilliant yellow. Not during the eclipse 🙂

Life goes on here in the desert where it snows.  Winter, hard freezes until recently.  Now it is nearing 90 degrees.  The lilac trees are miffed, only a handful of blooms this year.  I’ll take that though.  I love the old trees and it is a calming thing to see .

Enjoy the day all, tell those who matter to you how you feel.  Life is too short, enjoy each day, all of it!!



Just another day in paradise!

Really? This was a dusting forecast for us.

That is my arena.

When it snows, it is absolutely breathtaking for about oh say 10 minutes.  Once I put the camera away and am snow blind.  Then I have to take a while, getting over  seeing without everything being bright PINK  before I can get to work shoveling.

A table, stacked with several feet of snow.

Then at about this point, it had totally stopped being amusing.  Or pretty. Or anything other than just WORK!  If I could just stay inside and not worry about clearing the vehicles or the roads etc etc it would be nice!

My lilac trees under about a million pounds of powder.

I sent this photo to our local weatherman on channel 4 and he aired it.  The area we live in was special, we had 20+ inches of snow overnight.

This morphed into more rain than ever, which melted all the snow away pretty quickly.  Mud.  Mud.  More mud.

Then last night, at 1:26 am, something woke me up.  The sound of terrible wind, freight train sounding winds.  The local CalTrans weather tower clocked the wind at 85 mph.  ENOUGH already!  Now there is more tree limbs on the ground than ever before.  It narrowly missed my trailer, my truck (which was parked in the back, which should have been well clear of the trees)

Just really varied and wild weather.  Enjoy your evening and stay warm folks!