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Lilacs in eclipse light.

Lilacs in eclipse light.

This photo I took during the eclipse last year.  It was quite interesting.  Like I didn’t know that our shadows would waver and multiply.  Like this.  It is difficult to see, but there is perhaps a half inch around the outside of each shadow that was lighter. Odd.

double shadowOr this (my hands were still, not waving around.  Most odd.  I had never heard reference of shadows being weird during an eclipse.  The shadows were all  WILD!

eclipse hands

Or this, it was the lighting that I found absolutely fascinating. It was dimmer and the birds were still.  I took a photo of the dad Great Horned Owl and he was anxious (well for an owl)  I had to go get mom outside to see.  It was very very strange.

eclipse lightThis is the same kind of butterfly that I have as my Facebook profile photograph right now.  It is brilliant yellow. Not during the eclipse 🙂

Life goes on here in the desert where it snows.  Winter, hard freezes until recently.  Now it is nearing 90 degrees.  The lilac trees are miffed, only a handful of blooms this year.  I’ll take that though.  I love the old trees and it is a calming thing to see .

Enjoy the day all, tell those who matter to you how you feel.  Life is too short, enjoy each day, all of it!!