It really was beautiful this morning. The photographer (me) got outside a bit too late to truly capture the intensity of this sunrise. The light changes in a blink of an eye. The outside cats didn’t appreciate me rushing out the door either. In normal January weather, it could be unsafe, but it is unusual weather once again. It may be nearly 60 degrees here today. I am not complaining about that for sure. Growing up in Southern California makes one really respect the cold/snow/ice here.  Having to prepare for keeping utilities going, making sure there is access to the propane tanks, the utility shed on moms side of the ranch. Clearing the lid for our underground pump house. Who does that? Underground? I have seen a few others like this here, and a local person could enlighten me I bet. We came from Central California 12 1/2 years ago. We had a HUGE water storage tank above ground, so this was a really interesting thing. Then there is snow/ice and vehicle care and usage. Always making sure that the vehicles can get out, be cleared of snow and start. Mom’s van needed a battery last week. Not amusing. It did however have the grace to be dead at home, and we got it replaced without too much problem. That battery lasted 4 1/2 years, which up here is an amazing thing apparently. At least that is out of the way for now.

Today I am looking for a small side table I have had forever. We have done a lot of sorting and downsizing and that would never leave. However, where did I put it? My quest for the day.

Happy Wednesday all!