Lilacs of course

Lilacs of course

I am a list maker. If it doesn’t get written down, it either does not get done, bought or finished. After my Aspartame (diet Coke) toxicity damage, I don’t remember a lot of things. Memory loss sucks. It is disturbing, sad, maddening and somewhat altogether upsetting.  The big things I usually do remember. It is other stuff that has a tendency to not just fall through the cracks, but disappear completely. I come to terms usually when I find something that I don’t remember buying, it is a happy surprise. Seems like a reasonable way to deal with it.

I know people who choose a word for the year. Some sort of compass to direct them. For me, my background theme is to breathe. Along with relaxing or chillin’ I have found that once I center myself and breathe, I can think. Thinking is really not over rated. Stress will ruin that ability, and worry just takes away our time each day, replacing time with stress. So, I breathe. It is making a difference.

Also, I have not worn a ring or jewelry of any sort in many years. I decided that as a birthday gift to myself, I would buy myself a ring. I did. It is a little sterling silver ring, which simply says  “breathe”. It wasn’t expensive and I had to buy a size 13 to encourage it to slip onto my terribly misshapen middle finger on my right hand. I have rheumatoid arthritis. I also had dislocated that finger when I was 27. That knuckle joint is not like originally installed shall we say. The “breathe” word usually slips under to my palm side, leaving a thin silver band exposed. I have gotten more compliments on the slim band recently which is interesting, and I have not pointed out that it is the back side of a ring that bears a significant word for me. I bought it for me, as a reminder and that is why it is there. It works for me!

Happy Saturday to you all!