The first sunrise of 2015 peeking through the blinds


We enter this world with just us. Our soul. Our body. What we choose to do with both while we are here is our choice. Today I found myself wondering how the world will be in another 365 days. What is coming down the pike per se. Changes? Happy things? I would love to have a drama free year. Really.

The economic analyst that I was listening to this morning says 2015 will be a great year for the consumer. For jobs, for everything. I myself am very happy to have the chance to get up each day and make a difference. For myself, eating right and walking. For my family, pitching in where I’m needed.

Writing. More particularly writing and dreams of selling my writing.

Onward we go, it is up to us to choose what to do with each gift of each day. Be kind, be smart. Help others. Pray, chant and meditate. Our world needs peace. Thinking good thoughts, it isn’t just a “line”. It is an attitude and we can really make a difference.

There is a story, about a person walking along a beach, the tide was out and there were starfish dying in the open air, in the sun. The person would bend and pick one up and toss it back to the sea. Someone else came along and said “it’s only a starfish, why bother?” The person replied “because for that starfish it means everything”.

Tell those who matter to you how you feel. Be there, listen and smile at that person on the street. You can make a difference, we all can.