Lilacs getting ready to bloom

Lilacs getting ready to bloom

The weather here in the desert where it snows (usually) has done what it has done in the past. Winter leaves quickly and it becomes hotter than spring should be.Pretty much  tries to go right into summer of sorts. Today there are lilacs forming blossoms. The breeze brings a whiff of their scent even not in bloom, not even leafed out yet. The winter attitude of the valley has quickly been replaced with yellow green foliage. The trees in the area are currently wearing what will be short lived halos of greenish glow as their leaves grow in. The honey locust trees are always late to the party and  still look dead. Which will be the case until they leaf out and I will once again forget that I had questioned their viability after the winter.

My friend Susan that I wrote about in the last blog has seen the transplant team. I hope to talk to her on the phone soon. I don’t know where she is in that long line of tests and evaluations.  I heard from her that it was as long and difficult as it was 11 years ago. That was when my husband was so ill. The teams don’t want to gamble on people who are too sick and end up wasting that precious donor organ. I understood then as I do now, that donor organs, cadaver organs are precious and they have to be careful in who they choose to place them in. Live organ donors can work out too. I have a “twitter” friend who has a son who is a miracle and is living, married with a beautiful baby  now. It works!

It seems that with social media, I hear of and become “internet friends” with more people than I as a writer/hermit normally become involved with. One young woman I became aware of had gone through surgery for breast cancer, chemo. Then a lung cancer scare. Now she has a thyroid tumor? So much sadness and pain. So much trying to cure people after the fact. They are taking the gland out today. She isn’t even 20 years old.

So, we hope and pray, for those we know in difficult circumstances. We hope to rise tomorrow, and have another day to share, to make better choices. To make a difference in someone else’s life.

Enjoy the day, I always do 🙂