GHO fledgling May 2012

Great Horned Owl fledgling – May 2012



It is always what we don’t expect here with the weather.  There is green grass springing up all over.  Actually there is longer grass that grew under the plates of ice that seem to have gotten a jump on the free growing grass.  Of course it is still at or below freezing at night.  I awoke to the calls of the Great Horned Owl pair.  I hear them on and off during the night at times.  This morning I went outside just in time to see one go back to the tree across the road to go to sleep.  Such beautiful birds.  I think they may be egg sitting in the nest across the road.  Hmmmm

Life is so fleeting – tell those that matter to you how you feel.  Hug them and enjoy each day.  I do and I think, no I know – it makes life better overall.  Enjoy your day, if it is bright and warm or cold and snowy.

Oh! If anyone could take a moment and leave a comment for me I would appreciate it.  Two things. One – can you easily leave a comment through this blog?  and where are you reading this blog from in the world? I have a map counter on this blog and it is fun to see states/cities listed.  I don’t know who it might be, and I am curious!