The giant iron rooster!

The giant iron rooster is like 5 feet tall…..

The kitchen windowsill yesterday morning.

and the kitchen windowsill with my small iron rooster 🙂

I love decorative iron.  Usually small.  Like this iron rooster I bought some years ago.  Then, on a wonderful writers weekend on Whidbey Island, there in front of a shop stood a GIANT iron rooster.  He is like 5 feet tall.  Carol, do you have that photo you took of me and this giant bird somewhere?  Send me a copy please 🙂 It was really funny to see the big version of my windowsill roo.

So, since my graceful trip and fall onto the bow of the project boat in the dark, in the winter,in the desert – all without any snow or ice to blame…..I am finally feeling more like myself.  I still have bruising but it is finally fading. Thank heavens.  I was so close to really REALLY wrecking myself.  Grr.

I have been thinking – which in of itself can bring forth a lot of strangeness.  And I think of Monty Python, and Eric Idle’s blog recently.  He was amazed to realize that he met John Cleese 50 years ago.  Where does the time go? If you are interested in that blog, it is at  and it was his February 23 entry.

There are a lot less older people now, and a LOT more younger ones. This observation just kind of by accident.  I know, all people likely think  that when they are 18, people older than say 30 are ancient.  Well, now not so much so.

When we moved up here, to the desert where it snows, we were still in what I have come to think of as the “acquire” mode.  Animals, livestock fencing.  Strays. Disabled creatures.  Advance! Expand! Build!

Not any more.  At some point in the hopefully near future, we shall move.  No more desert and hello Puget Sound! Can’t wait.

In preparation for saving what was left of my sanity, several years ago, I learned a very vital word.  That word is “no”  as in no more creatures that eat, require attention.  The less to care for, the better for me.  The snow and the cold,  and caring for a whole ranch has worn me out.  My rheumatoid arthritis is claiming more of my flexibility. My hands are really showing it now.  Sad.  I still however will paint my fingernails wild colors and have fun with it.  I refuse to become boring!

On another catch up tangent, you know, people can be so great 🙂

There is an amazing man, Robert Irvine.  He currently has a show in production, called “Restaurant Impossible”  I discovered he is active on Twitter.  I chose to “follow” him.  He is very supportive to people in all walks of life.  Within the week, he asked his followers to support a gal who is facing a huge health crisis.  She is a lot like me – she wants to have a ranch some day.  She reads my blog (well when I write it) so HI SUSAN! 🙂 Have a great evening!

I am going to fold up and get comfortable.  I have had several long difficult weeks for varied reasons.  However each day I can get up and make a difference, I am happy.

The owls were here tonight.  The youngster I dubbed the “bobble headed owl” was in the tree calling.  He flew off and if I can ever figure out how to send a video from my iPhone to my desktop, I can post it here.  Sigh….goodnight all!