The new to us propane heating stove – installed!


It has been a long time in saving and planning and finally today was the day!  I had begun looking for a used propane heating stove this summer.  After 10 years here, part of those years we heated with propane. Part with electric.  The last four or so with wood.  It finally came to me, the realization that using the little parlor wood stove was the issue.  We found that we could be continually stuffing wood into it and it never and I mean NEVER heated the #$@% house.  I am told that the reasoning was that it should be used in a harmonious way with a propane stove.  Oh?  Whatever.  I am Southern California born and lived there for 30 years.  What do I know? To this point, I was always worried about the pipes in the kitchen and laundry room.  The bathroom pipes I have heat tape on.  But the other rooms? Gak.  Like do not close the laundry room door at night.  Potential disaster.  For the kitchen I do leave the cabinet doors under the kitchen sink open.  I will actually continue to do so for both rooms….but right now, it is over 70 degrees in the living room.  I think the old farmhouse is going to faint 🙂

That last winter before my husband passed, he was freezing all the time.  The large old propane heating stove did a good job.  I would step indoors and poof, my glasses would instantly fog up 😉 It also showed me it was possible to use $300 a month in propane.  Before we resumed using the wood stove, I had the big old stove lit.  Then it nearly killed us with carbon monoxide.  Seriously. Very ill.  It was bad.  The big stove was then dubbed the “murder stove”  It is now out in my son’s work area.  I don’t know what is really in store for it, but it is no longer in my living room so I don’t care!  This stove is something like 80% efficient vs the murder stove and the 52% efficiency.  It is going to cost more than wood, but I am still thrilled!  To think that I will find the living room warm in the morning, versus the 48 degrees it was the last week – heavenly!

So, I am happy now.   I appreciate it a lot.  Stay warm all, I certainly have a better opportunity to !