Our best hen-pet-feathered friend, Tweety.

As anyone who knows me or reads the blog knows, I love birds.  Domestic birds, chickens, and wild things.  Owls.  But this chicken pictured above, was the best.  Dubbed “Tweety” by the girl who raised and loved her, she came to live with us when the girl’s mom decided she was a rooster.  It was either take her or the next stop would put this chicken into a stew pot. Eeeeeeewwww! So, Tweety came to stay.  Her early months were spent being with the girl.  She was carried everywhere and learned to observe and “help” as she decided we needed.  One day, not long after her arrival here, I was standing at my outdoor feed can.  Tossing wild bird seed to the wild things.  Tweety came over of course to see.  She sat down next to my foot and was bocking quietly to herself.  I was busy, and so apparently was she.  After a few minutes, I had gotten things straightened out and was done.  Tweety let out a loud “BOCK” and stood up.  There, next to my foot, was a perfect fresh from the Tweety egg.  A rooster? Nope!

She was the ringleader of the hens, not the top hen, but the smartest girl.  I could count on being rushed when I opened the back door, no matter where she might be.  When she heard that door open, it was pedal to the metal and she would come tearing up to the back porch.  She would come to a halt and inquire “Bawwwwwkkkkk????” peering up at me past the feathers that always fell into her eyes, looking for treats.  She was hilarious.

She did not like the Ameracauna chickens we had.  They are bossy and always had an uneasy truce between them.  If I was even a tiny bit slow tossing seed or treats when the girls were outside the coop, I was told about it.  Tweety would come and stand next to my foot and say “BAWWWWWWKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!” and then peck the top of my foot with quite a bit of force.  Point taken Tweety.  I always hurried.  I re-homed the Ameracaunas recently, and it made the yard very quiet and relaxed.  Interesting.  She was soft and kind and the only chicken I had that would tell my full grown white peacocks where to go and when to do it.

I loved her “hair” and the way it flopped over her pretty eyes.  She would have to really tilt her head to the side to look up at me past those Polish derived feathers on top of her head.  She was a good girl.

She passed away yesterday.  It was late morning, after I carried her around with me while doing chores.  She observed the food and water giving to the other birds.  She observed treats being consumed….but I knew.  When I put her back in her safe coop inside the main coop, I had the opportunity to do what I always try to do when a loved one is leaving us.   I of course thanked her for being such a good friend.  That we loved her so much and that I would miss her always.   I felt it in my soul when she left this place, even though I was in town.   I teared up, I was not ready for her to be gone.   When I got home, I found her, lying peacefully with her beak next to the uneaten treats I had given her, eyes closed, that cute fluff of feathers still fluffy but too still.  Tweety was the best.

I will miss you forever my Tweety.  Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life.  Rest in peace my little feathered friend.