Ah. Nothing like 20″ of surprise snow.

Culture shock for me.  Our winters of late had not had this much all season. Plus never this much overnight. EVER.

I have other photos, but need to load them to the computer. Last night, when I was in the dining room talking to my son, I heard a high pitched whistle call.  The young Great Horned Owl’s voice is changing.  I went outside and whistled back and forth with him for perhaps 15 minutes.  I walked out to the bridge across the frozen creekbed under the tree he was in. He flew from branch to branch, echoing my whistle and then trying a new voice out.  Standing there in the darkness, looking at the tree illuminated against the pitch black velvet of the sky – the bright stars like blazing diamonds we conversed.  This is the young owl that had gotten caught in some large chicken wire on the side of the dog kennel earlier in the year. The previous people who owned this place left an assortment of animal dangers and this one had slipped past me when a deer had jumped into the dog kennel and broken a post and took down the side section of  wire.  His parents alerted me to the problem, the male flew off while mom owl watched. That baby just sat there and waited. No beak clacking, no feather rattling. Just stood and watched me calmly get his feet loose and then once free, flew off with mom owl.  I wrote about it in the blog when it happened.  You can search for it through the function on this page if you are interested. Now this owl seems happy to spend time chatting and my heart was filled with joy that so wild a creature would take the time to visit 🙂

❤ owls!

Off to town for some meetings and appointments. Shopping and perhaps a Peppermint Mocha Frappachino with extra bittersweet chocolate curls. Have a good day all!