The past few nights, I have heard a bird in the lilacs or just above in part of the owl tree.  I had thought it was a nighthawk.  Late yesterday afternoon, I was outside working with my son.  I heard this bird again, not recognizing the sound.    Just for the record, nighthawks do not perch in trees.  They can come to rest on a branch but they aren’t perching birds.  Ground sitting yes. Branch grasping no.  So, I heard this sound again,  and looked up.  I see the side of a large bird.  I finally got to a place I could look at the bird without a lot of tree/leaves in the way.  Much to my surprise, it was the smaller of the two GHO kids!  I had heard this noise on and off for several days.  Then I heard the other one in a different part of the owl tree.  Then they talked back and forth.  Their voices are changing!  Instead of the plaintive baby scrreeeee they have been making, it is fuller and less high pitched!  Ha, Pam the owl person is thrilled!  They must have decided to come home to roost -heehee!

After we had dinner with mom,  I was going home in the dark.   On my way home, down the back path and across the bridge over the creek area.  I stopped on the bridge and called “Owl!” into the darkness.  I got an immediate answer! One kid owl was on the top of the electric pole on mom’s driveway.   It called and flew back to the tree above the house.  A first, I have never tried to engage them verbally, not since their grandfather took exception to me mimicking him and swooped down almost on my head.   I didn’t do that any more obviously.

I wish I could help them out with food or something, but it is enough to know they consider our place home.

Owl conversations.