The last evening with the kids at home.

It is so quiet.  It has been two weeks plus a few days.  The Great Horned Owls have moved for the summer.  I miss the squeaky calls from the young owls asking for their breakfast at dusk.  The owls do this each year though.  They hopefully will reappear in the fall.  When they do come back, they seem to come and go, apparently deciding on their nest for the new season.

I have enjoyed this owl season most of all.  To have the young owl get caught in that side pen wire – and to have the parents sit back and wait while I helped the baby get free….no words.  That the youngster didn’t clack its beak at me or hiss, just stood waiting calmly.  Amazing.  A beloved gift I will always treasure.

Not as hot today as it has been, and I really appreciate it.  Enjoy the day all!