The owls watching me watching them (and the moon!)

The owls watch me from their tree.  I in turn watch them and take lots of photographs, hoping for one good one.  One day I will own a camera with a function that compensates for my shaky hands.  Really, I will.  I look forward to that.

The sky tonight was beautiful, and the color held while I ran back across the bridge to get my camera again.

It was brilliant tangerine and the pink streaks were like weaves of cotton candy.  That is one thing about living here, I have never seen such beautiful sky.

I am worn out and going to bed.  Here is the best long shot of the calmer of the two kid owls.  This is the one that I had to help out of the wire the other night.  I just realized I can see his feather “ears” growing!!!

GHO fledgling May 2012

Goodnight all!