Same type of shot as the previous post, but taken in the partial light of the sun. Eclipse light!

There was weirdness about when the eclipse was in full swing.  I was outside, fascinated by the light (I am all about light with my photography) when I realized I was hearing a cricket begin to chirp.  I went near the garage by mom’s house and thought my eyes were acting up.  In fact, I was sure they were.  Even to the point of taking off the glasses and rubbing my eyes.  Our shadows are always crisp, especially when silhouetted on something like the side of the garage.  Or onto a concrete path.

My shadow wasn’t.  Crisp that is.  Not at all.

My shadow on the garage wall. With almost a double image around my shape. Eclipse shadow!

I had to go and get mom.  Told her she really had to see this, because I had never heard of this before.  She had to see it too.  I had never heard shadows mentioned with the eclipse going on.  Hmm.  We goofed around and then I took this photo.  Both our hands in shadow/silhouette on the concrete.  Scary weirdness of light!

Eclipse shadows, my hand on top, mom’s on the bottom. SO STRANGE!

We put together hand-held viewers, cardboard with a pinhole and a white sheet of paper (or the wall, or the dining room curtain) and had a great time keeping track of what the sun was doing, all from the comfort of the dining room.  Hmm.  I have to transfer the photographs I took with my cell phone camera to this computer –  so perhaps I will post that another time.

The lilacs had to be included.  Well really only because I kept walking past them, enjoying the fact the %&#@ bees are gone 🙂 And they are lilacs.

Lilacs in eclipse light.

And can’t leave the Great Horned Owl out.

The owl surveying his domain. He kindly looked my direction when I addressed him.

I heard ravens acting obnoxious this morning.  I went outside and sure enough, they were doing their “tag, you’re IT” on one of the adult owls in a tree across the street.  Just bugging the stuffing out of the owl.  I went over and clapped my hands three or four times and yelled at them, so they left 🙂 But MY owl will you? I don’t think so!  Have a good day all, cooling off, might be really nice for a few days.