The kitchen windowsill yesterday morning.

Lilacs on the windowsill in an ancient glass vase.  A small iron rooster.  An odd silver-toned hair clip with rhinestones.  The lilac trees (and BEES) just outside.  I couldn’t resist taking a few photos.  I found it amusing when I was on Whidbey Island several years ago, that there was a GIANT iron rooster like this one.  The small one I bought in an odd little store off the beaten path on the way to nowhere in particular.  Here is the giant one 🙂

The giant iron rooster!

Whidbey Island is lovely.  Of course I always figured that once I got older, I would live on an island.  Or in Maine.  Neither of which has happened (yet!) But for now, I am back to work writing, enjoying the lilacs, not enjoying the #$%& bees.  Have a good day all!