Lilacs getting ready to bloom

Gee, lately we have had lilacs, owls and the big moon.  None of which I have taken much of the way of good photos of.  Grr.  I am going to have to find a battery for my old Canon AE1 camera.  35 mm film.  At least I could take the shots I want, without this infernal fuzzing or jumping around of this one I use now.

Daddy GHO and one of the babies.

Fuzzy telephoto.  It must be me. I don’t know, but this is half of the owl family that lives in the tree next to my house.

Lots to do, it is amazing.  During the nasty cold or wet weather, I am inside wanting to do things around the ranch.  Now that it is nice, I lack certain things to make those outdoor things happen.  Physical things are more and more difficult.  Lack of funds makes things drag on and on.  Just general botherment.  I finally make phone calls to get some things resolved, only to get voice mail and no calls back.  Is it just me?

Have a great day all, nice weather all week coming up!