Why do things have to change? I know, it’s the way of the world.  Progress.  Well, I do not approve. I don’t like this new WordPress format, and unless I find what I am looking for, I will remain crabby about it. Grr.

On other things, I see a link to an article on MSNBC.  They shorten things in an interesting way at times. I am sure you too have noticed that.  Most recently “Audio of call from woman landing plane, dies”  What? Never mind.  She didn’t die, her husband, the pilot died and there were others helping talk her through landing.  When they told her that they were closing streets near the airport, she said “don’t you have any confidence in me?”  OMG.  She made the landing, albeit hard.  Not bad for an 80 year old lady whose husband died while flying the two of them home.

This line caught my attention too.

‘Hawks beat Wings in shootout, earn sixth seed’

Ok, now that is just funny.  Of course Hawks would not care a bit about a seed, sixth or otherwise.  Ha 🙂

I see no way to save this post as a draft.  Of course.  Which means I either post it straight off, or risk losing it, or copy it to my email draft folder.  Bother.

So we will try the insert photo button now.


Sparrows at dawn in the lilac trees

Ok, house sparrows at dawn in the lilac trees.

This afternoon I spent some time pruning the old blooms out of the lilacs.  Very peaceful.  I need that calmness.  My internal self is lately quite scrambled. Too many things in my head.  Wish there were an “eject” button somewhere.  Or storage card, pop it in, load it, put it in a different place.  Then all the stuff in my head would stop competing for time at the front of my mind.  Or would it? Maybe more would just automatically regenerate.  **Shakes head**  Oh whatever.

Beautiful day, almost warm! Have a great weekend all, Happy Easter, Happy Passover, whatever you celebrate, have a nice time!