One of our trees through the snow yesterday

Some of the largest flakes I have ever seen.  It literally poured snow for hours, most of which didn’t stick due to the warmer temperature at that point.  Then the temp fell and the snow stuck.  Icy roads. Ice outside my back door.

Snow is beautiful, it is always so quiet once there is a layer of it on the ground.

I miss the beach.

I had loaded the most current photo program for my camera.  Transferred my photos from the digital camera.  Promptly lost them all, like as in hid them from myself.  Yesterday I finally figured it out.  I knew they were there, just had to figure out the path.  So, here is another one.  In the mid to lower right quarter, there are big white patches – snow clumps.  These flakes were inches across!!!  Flying slush!

Flying slush flakes!

Today is April Fool’s day.  My dad’s favorite day of the year.  I almost got snookered right off the bat by a local place and their post on Facebook.  Fans of the anime series Big O would be able to not only picture this, but understand its need 🙂  Here is the link 🙂   Love that tinyurl site!

I better go get busy, have things to do.  It is currently bright and sunny.  Hope it melts the ice off soon.  Have a great day all!