Tulips in the front garden

Where does time go? Really?  Age has never made much of an impression on me, until the past year or so.  Now I hear that age old clock ticking.  Time is suddenly limited, not unlimited as the young feel.

Many years ago, I saved a mare who was in foal from the auction at Hollywood Park racetrack.  Bought for $300, the other bidder the kill buyer.  Less than two weeks later, the baby, Rusty was born.  Beautiful, perfect, sweet and oh so busy.  My first auction rescue, the foal Rusty will be 24 years old on Saturday. Once again, how did that happen?  She is not young any longer – and she gave me a pretty good scare health wise on Wednesday.  But today, she is eating and begging for carrots as usual.

One never knows how long we will be here to do the things we do.

We have had just a bit of snow, a bit of rain and the weirdest winter since we moved here 9+ years ago.  The lilac trees? I won’t even LOOK at them.  I know they will be budding.  Oh well.

Hope all is well out there in the world, take care, and tell those you care about you love them.