The past week or so, the snow geese have been so busy.  Our land is bordered on two sides by a large ranch, 340 acres or so.  They grow rye hay, and the geese love to land and forage for feed there.  Just like the photo.  I took lots of images.  They all were junk.  On our way to town Friday, mom and I saw them up close.  One would never have imagined that they were such a mixed bunch.  Adults, youngsters with immature feather patterns.  All sizes.  All LOUD.

Thousands and thousands of them.  Last week,  I walked to the back of our place and tried to get some photos or video but they took a look and sounded the “intruder alert” call and walked far away.  At least they didn’t fly.

I was in the back barn, which is metal.  Once they flew over and it sounded like some sort of huge aircraft droning over.  Deafening.  My barn cats ran and hid, it was quite interesting.  Now that they are settled in, great waves of them take off and circle over our place, flying very low.  They sometimes collide with each other which makes them even louder, telling each other off.

Just another perk of living so rural.