The barn in back at dawn. January 24 - rosy pink

I have always been within perhaps an hours driving time from the ocean.  Here, the beach is but a dream.  I have a friend who lives on a bluff above the pacific ocean.  She posts lovely things, sunsets, cats, lemon trees.   It makes me feel homesick for the beach and the ocean.   She too loves owls and I get her back by posting about our Great Horned Owls here 🙂

Our last visit to Port Orchard Washington  a couple of years ago was wonderful.  Got to meet face to face several “internet” friends.  I got sick but was up before dawn with my camera. That time, that light was magical.

Dawn on the beach, Port Orchard Washington

The last 20 years I have been running – emotionally of course, but beating my body up as well.  I am not doing that now.  Lots of changes, much more understanding of things.  I will never get that time back for a do over, but I can do things differently now, and I will and I am.

Now I am off to check the new wild cat and the domestic cat who has taken up residence under the house.  Our woodstove heats the underside crawl space, and a very emaciated black and white cat came to stay.  Now brilliantly dubbed “Fireplace Cat” (as my woodstove would begin to meow when I would work on it, cat under house hearing me) I have been feeding her.  She is recovering.

Enjoy the day all!