I apologize for not blogging.

The end.

No, really, I do apologize.  I came to the same conclusion that many others who blog eventually come to.  That is, why am I spilling myself over the pages here, and really, who cares?  Aside from my mom, my friend Carol and occasionally friends from here and there.  Really.

So, instead of the typing sort of blogging, I am going to try and at least post a photograph.  Which is a bit of a touchy subject for me, and has become increasingly so really.  I have Rheumatoid arthritis.  I now have shaky hands.  I don’t know if it is age shaky hands, or R/A shaky hands.  It can’t be coffee related, because I really only drink a bit in the morning.  Yeah it is high octane, but I don’t shake then.  In the afternoon, yes.  I don’t drink, so it isn’t that.  Point being that photography is not fun like it has always been.  I did some digging around online and there are some Kodak cameras like mine that do have a program to compensate for shakiness.  Down the line I can tell you I will be purchasing one.

Who knows once again.

Anyway, here is a photo for you all.  The colors of the sky here in far northeastern California is so different than the Los Angeles area.  Or central California.  The sky goes on forever, and if you can catch it just right, you will know you will never see a sunrise or sunset quite like it.

This was the morning of my mom’s birthday, Tuesday January 24th.

A brilliant sunrise over the lake

and now I am going to take dinner to mom’s house. My son is there already, so I better get moving. Have a nice evening all!