Lilacs 2011

Well, I will try this again.  WordPress, the hosting company for this blog has been wonky lately.  Like type a whole blog, saving it along the way.  Automatic saves too thanks to WordPress.  Click “preview” and there is only the title.  No blog.  Switch back to the edit page, and it shows ZERO word count.  Aghhh!

Their support is out until today.  I checked the forums and since no one else noted this particular glitch, guess it’s me.  Or rather the electricity in a box that sits here by my feet.  So, cache cleaning, cookie ejecting, you name it.  Now I am typing and I have no idea if it will save to publish or not.  Maybe I will just bypass the preview stage.  Yeah, that is a good idea (so I hope)  We shall see.

So, lilacs to start the day, have a good one all!