Good day for a birthday.  That is nice.  This morning, I went to my friends to take care of her critters.  She is out of town visiting her mom.  So, my son came along to go to do a bit of shopping with me.  I have had my eye on an outdoor chair cushion forever it seems.  However at $35 each, it wasn’t gonna happen. Today, we swung past the outdoor area at Walmart.  AhHA!  The cushions weren’t just on sale, they were getting rid of them as fast as they could.  Above the racks of them, a sheet of letter sized paper  “All Cushions $1”  Really?  OMG!

The second seat of my Chevy 🙂

We had fun.  I mean really fun with this!  Two cushions for my son’s tent.  One for my beloved iron chair that I sit in next to the lilac trees-yes the one I have been hoping to have.  One for the garden bench.  One for the wood bench I bought for ten dollars and have repainted several times.  It has always needed a cushion.  Now it has one!  Plus some matching very soft puffy pillows.  A bench cushion for mom’s swing.  We made quite a haul!  Several hundred dollars of cushions/pillows for under $20 bucks.  YAY!!!  All because our WalMart is making room for Christmas.  Here in the remote reaches of northeastern California, I have discovered several things.  One, is that the day after a holiday, when all the GOOD chocolate candy is 50% off, you can buy it that day and the next few weeks because we always have extra at the stores.  🙂  Also, Christmas decorations appear in October, and are in the garden shop until at least April.  Pretty silly, but fun anyways.  I know I have been living where there are no department stores for a long time because of the following.  I am actually excited to see what decoration/motif will be on the microfiber throws that WalMart will sell for Christmas.  I love these things.  I bought one two season ago, a bright Chevy red with good-looking reindeer in white.  It is thick and just lovely.  It usually is on my bed all winter.  I admit I did get it out and put it on the bed a few weeks ago.  While it has been lovely not to have to put on all sorts of  gear because of the weather, I do miss being snuggled down and comfy.  Summer just isn’t it for me.  I love fall, and have had a good time recently taking photographs.  Ahhh.

Maple - fall 2011

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.  It has been a good day!