A tree by the courthouse in town

Something that has been bugging me a bit is this.  My cell phone, when plugged into the wall, charges in a short period of time.  Then when I use the USB cable to charge it, it can take hours.  Charging with the USB cable never makes the phone become hot.  Wall charge? Hot? Yes! That is why I do not use that way of charging any longer.  Car charger? HOT!  Quick charge, but I would never leave it plugged in, too scary.  So, I charge via the computer now.

A few days ago, I won two tickets to two nights of the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) World Finals.  The question to answer had to do with what Ring of Honor member of the PBR trained a Kentucky Derby winner.  That of course was Carl Nafzger.  I found the tweet a minute after it was posted with the opportunity.  I was first to respond, and shockingly I won.  I love contests and I have won some really memorable things.  The unfortunate thing about the tickets was  that I am over 500 miles from there.  I have obligations here and with finances what they are…well you get the picture.  So, I wrote back that I was thrilled to win, but give them to the next person with my compliments.  Oh well.  One day I will get to a live PBR event.  Someday!

I entered a contest with a short version of my current work in progress.  The original deadline was the end of September.  They extended it until today at 5 pm eastern time.  The editors will choose 3 finalists then the grand prize winner will be chosen by November 15.  Exciting times here in the desert!  It is a step, and I learned a lot doing it.  Following what I learned in the Michael Hauge workshop in NYC.   Now to really finish my current work and get it sent out.  I can do it and I am confident in my work.  It is just a matter of time.  Isn’t it always?

Enjoy your day, still Indian Summer here.  Soon the snow will fly and we will get tucked in for the winter.  I should be racing around getting stuff put up for the season, but we shall see.