The Milky way, Northern lights and a meteor. Tommy Eliassen Caters News Agency

What am amazing shot this is.  For those who missed seeing it on’s front page today.  Magical, mystical and almost unbelievable.  This fellow, Tommy Eliassen regularly shoots this area of Ifjord, Finnmark, Norway.  That night, the clouds moved out leaving a bit of a clear sky window for the opportunity.  Eliassen made the photo on Sept. 25 using a Nikon D700 with a wide angle lens and long exposures between 25 and 30 seconds.  He got 7 shots before the clouds came back.  A possible once in a lifetime occurrence for a photographer.  Great job!

In other news…………first my little flat screen Polaroid television quit working. That was really a bummer, as it wasn’t even two years old.  Then I was using an old regular TV from someone’s kitchen (mine, mom’s, forgot where it came from) Then IT went all fritzy and it would start an amazingly loud screeching noise with white lines at the top of the picture. So I would have to leap and shut it off manually (the remote quit communicating w/the TV and yes I tried new batteries, I tried everything!) So, I gave up yesterday, went into town and bought a used TV at the thrift store.  For Five (yes, $5)  dollars and yes it has a remote. Best of all? IT WORKS! Yay, thank you Nu2You, what a great store! Funny how we get used to our creature comforts 🙂

Have a good day all!  Sunny and warm here, Indian Summer?