Yep, we live in the country 🙂

Somehow September zipped right on past me.  Not a blog to be seen that month.  Well, I will try to be better about it.  I have been writing. Using every bit of time I can find to do just that.  Write.  In my time off the blog, I put to use the amazingly needed information I gathered in the workshops that Michael Hauge did at the RWA convention in NY.  I came home and totally deconstructed what I had, and when I was just starting to put it back together, I found out about a contest.  So, I did a 23,600 word version and sent it in.  Let me tell you, that hitting send on that entry was scary.  And thrilling.  And so very filled with relief.  I have a hint of what it is going to be like when I type “the end” on my WIP.  I have learned SO much the past two years.   People come into our lives, sometimes for a day, a week, a month or years.  We never know what the impact they will have on our lives might be.  Through an admired writer friend of ours,  I met a wonderful woman who is now one of my best friends.  She is strong. Brilliant.  Busy wife, mom, business woman.  Amazing caregiver. Fellow writer.  Jaguar lover 🙂  Gifted photographer of sunsets and interesting doors amongst other things.  We exchanged emails and she has become my strongest ally.  God blessed us when we met.  We have attended several writing conventions, a writers weekend on Whidbey Island.  Because of her and the support she has given to me, I am going forward.  Armed with information and confidence.  Plus the inner strength to know that I not only can do it, but AM doing it – “it”  meaning me finishing the WIP and sending it out when it is vetted thoroughly.  Thank you Carol, what you have done for me there aren’t words for.

The docks in Richmond British Columbia October 2009

We went to the SIWC in Surrey BC in October of 2009.  Beautiful British Columbia.  Gorgeous Canada.  The photo above was taken with my little cell phone camera.   Last year it was the writers weekend that Bob Mayer teaches.  That was on Whidbey Island WA.  I love the islands there.   Just lovely.  Aside from Bob’s voice (still) echoing in my mind “WHY should we care about this character?”  it was another amazing learning experience.  June this year we were in New York City!  Loved it.  The RWA conference.  Michael Hauge.  What an experience and an honor to have attended.  Learned so much – I really can’t emphasize that enough 🙂

Have a lovely weekend all, looks like it may be the last of the decent weather here in the desert where it snows.